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Factory Floor – 25 25



Factory floor are one of the most diverse and unique electronic acts of the recent years. 25 25 the trios latest album, can be described as emotive instrumental Techno, with acid and synth elements, these ingredients will fit right in at any dance floor that is brave enough to take the heat. When first listening to the album I thought I was In Mad Max and Drive at the same time, and that right there is the beauty of the album. Although it is extremely futuristic and ahead of its time, it also would sit perfectly in the golden era of the acid house scene. 25 25 is truly a piece of art, with extraordinary experimentation and savage production skills. The thing is this does not come as a surprise. The trio is able to create a unique sound and emotive component in every release, something that artists tend to struggle with as their careers develop. Factory Floor are not your regular artists, they are dedicated to their art and continue to push boundaries.



Dial Me In and Meet Me At The End would sit perfectly in the late 1980s Rave era both incorporating that squelching acid sound that is so loved by many. The compelling heart hitting drums that would make you feel like Rocky is giving you one of his famous body shots is the icing on the cake. A word to describe both tracks is Rugged! So DJ’s take note, if you ever need to save a dance floor, make sure you have these tracks in your collection.

Ya is simply stupendous and has plenty of flavour, although its Militant, it has continuous groove, with disco elements, which include tropical african drums, the beautiful use of the vocal, simply stating the word Ya tops it off. Factory Floor used so many different elements to this track but somehow managed to keep it minimalistic. Absolutely Excellent!!!!!!!!!!

Overall 25 25 is one of the best electronic albums I’ve heard this year.

The track selection for the album is excellently synergised. It provides the listener with intensity, suspense and breathers. The synth use and experimentation is what stood out, the album seems to be more dance floor driven, then perhaps the duos previous work.  Overall 25 25 is one of the best electronic albums I’ve heard this year.  If you’re looking for freshness and intensity to spice your life up, go and COP this album. Head to your nearest record store, go home and whack it on your speakers, simple as that.


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