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Eric Prydz – EPIC 4.0 – Terminal 5, New York


021316 Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0 NYC-22

Some artists have such a massive fan base and following that they sell out shows and venues wherever they go. People are begging to get tickets and promoters, ticket sellers, ticket resellers, and ticket scalpers are everywhere. Some performers have such a fanatical obsession that it could be mistaken for lunacy. Take Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift or even Phish, Disco Biscuits, Dave Matthews Band, The Beatles, Elvis, or Bon Jovi – the list goes on. Women will remove their clothing for no apparent reason, people will break the law, and some will scream so much that they have to get their vocal chords replaced. Music is powerful. So powerful that it can be more addicting, more mesmerizing, and cause someone to spend more money than anyone would for crack, heroin, and cigarettes combined.

You add world-class production elements, an amazing schedule of venues, and two personas and the hype and excitement is two-fold. In November 2015, Eric Prydz released a five track EP under his moniker Cirez D on Mouseville Records following his Pryda 10 album. Then earlier this month he released OPUS on Virgin Records and announced his 4.0 tour. On Friday, February 12th Eric Prydz took to the stage at Terminal 5 in New York City with Sebastien Leger opening followed by a set at Marquee.


We went and checked out Eric at Terminal 5 on Saturday, February 13th mingling with the crowd. When first entering the venue, the crowd were still filling up and drinks were relatively inexpensive. We skipped out on the massive coat check line that wrapped around the venue and up the stairs. For us, it’s never worth the wait at the beginning or the end of night. The three shows were completely sold out and it proved difficult for anyone to find tickets. Upon first entry, there was music playing throughout the venue but the DJ was yet to be seen. At around 9pm Sebastien Leger went on with venue was jam packed with excited music lovers.

Sebastien played his usual brand of vivacious tech house, which while certainly to our tastes seemed somewhat unappreciated by the younger members of the crowd. With Leger having built our expectations nicely, Eric Prydz then finally took to the stage and we have to say his show was incredible from start to finish. The 360 visuals were mesmerizing and served as the perfect accompaniment to the music on offer. Entranced by the lights, the atmosphere finally caught fire, with crowd bubbling away, continuously in motion, bewitched by the phantasmagoric spectacle taking place before them.

021316 Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0 NYC-9

Having delicately built up his hypnotic set, showcasing his talent and allowing those in front of him to truly see why he is one of the best in the industry,  Prydyz performance provided the occasional glimpse of the more techno orientated fare that we would see him deliver under his Cirez D alias which he adopted at new Manhattan nightspot Flash Factory later that evening. Bringing his set to a close with a few tracks from his album, OPUS and a number of his hits from yesteryear, we feel it’s safe to say all in attendance left satisfied with what they’d heard.

With his incredible production and phenomenal sound, it is no wonder those that are younger and older will withstand the freezing cold weather and massive crowds to see Prydz in the flesh. A true master of his craft make sure you catch Eric, when his show rolls into town.






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