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Enthralled By The Beat: ROD



Do you have any pets at home? 

I have 2 cats, one dog.

Yay! You are a cat person!

Well, they came with my girlfriend and I got used to it. So yes I am pretty much a cat person now. They are great.

What’s your favourite TV series? 

Its called Voetbal International. It’s a Dutch programme about soccer. It’s about the game but more of a satirical news show. Very cynical which I really like.

There is a lot of that in English TV.

Of course. The English are the best at being cynical. Very tongue in cheek.

What is your favourite film?

Definitely Magnolia. It’s the best movie ever! I have watched it over 30 times! It’s a super intense movie about life, about everything. I think it’s the most inspirational movie I’ve ever seen you know? Everyone who asks me this question, I have to make them go and see it right after I say it. It’s a piece of art. Every time I see it I feel emotional about it. It’s just number one.

I always think about how people moan about Tom Cruise always playing the same character and always tell them to go see that film.

I know right?! Anyone who ever says that Tom Cruise always plays the same type of character needs to go watch Magnolia. Everybody is so good in that movie. 

You mentioned that you are getting married – Congratulations! Have you ever DJ’d at a wedding for a friend?

Yeah. There is a techno DJ in Holland called Michel de Hey who is a good friend of mine and a colleague. I never wanted to DJ at a wedding because it’s too much pressure: When someone’s getting married and they ask you to DJ you have to do it perfectly. You have to play all the right records that they want, so I was never really interested in that. But then Michel is a techno DJ and we have the same style and he feels the same way. So when he asked me I was like “oh fuck yeah lets do it!” So yes, I DJ’d at his wedding. It’s the only wedding I’ve ever DJ’d at which was fun, but only because we came from the same background. I didn’t feel any pressure. 

When were you last on a dance floor having a great time?

Wow, that’s a cool question. It was actually this morning! I am a DJ but I am mostly just a music lover. I DJ quite a lot in Holland and abroad but there are quite a lot of parties where I see there is a good line up and think “oh fuck, I really want to see this guy play!” I will keep that date free from work and go to the party – which I did yesterday. There were 5 parties – at Trouw, Melkweg, and other places and I went to all of them! I am a nerd and its cool to DJ but its even cooler to discover music by other people. This is how I get inspired. I made a list of 40 DJs I wanted to see at ADE and I planned to check out every one of them. I ended up checking out maybe 25 or something. This morning in Melkweg Convextion (who has a Detroit Techno kind of sound) was at Breakfast Club, playing the most beautiful electro stuff ever and then before him was a guy called Abdullah Rashim. This was the best dance floor experience I have ever had probably. I danced for about ten hours yesterday. 

I saw Abdullah Rashim at Adept – it wasn’t so great…

I heard about that party. Someone like him has a very specific sound and it doesn’t work in every space. It just made sense here. At 7 o clock in the morning when people are being spacey and he is just paying this weird stuff. It really stuck with me. 

Do you have a favourite bit of kit? 

It’s a bit of a corny answer but my favourite bit of software or hardware is just my mind. In my mind are my fantasies. I don’t care what kind of software or hardware you use, it’s all about your mind and your fantasy to be open to creating something you never knew you could create. You could create anything with any piece of gear – you can sample a spoon even. When people, especially young kids, ask me how I produce, I never really tell them I just say that I produce with my mind. Otherwise you focus too much on the wrong things. You have to focus on being open to expression. Software and hardware is just a means to get it out. 

Last week saw ROD releasing new tracks Anindica & Hux on Ben Klock’s label Klockworks.



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