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Egg presents… San Soda & Locked Groove, Egg London



Both San Soda and Locked Groove have had somewhat crazy summers in their own right. From European tours to releasing bombs, both parties have enjoyed fruitful seasons to boot. This past weekend saw them venture over to one of London’s premier outlets, in that of Egg London. Egg themselves have enjoyed a rather positive and energetic summer, with a fresh revamp, newly installed speaker systems and dancefloors, audiences have flocked to the stalwart club from far and wide to see what all the fuss is about.  The club have been soaking up their praise and packed houses whilst continuing to draft in some outstanding artists on the house and techno roster. Tonight was an in-house show which pitted a double pronged attack including the aforementioned San Soda and Locked Groove. As we entered around midnight, we shuffled through an already busy middle floor, which seemed somewhat of a knowledgeable crowd. With good moods a plenty the deep throbbing base came rushing through the punchy stackers and got everyone onto the floor. The new Flipside speakers have been the talk of the town lately and they certainly bring the middle room into a new preverbal light; so to speak. Word on the street is that the sound engineers from all across the city have visited to witness the prowess they bring. They are the first in the world so it’s safe to say they do not disappoint.

Young Belgian producer Locked Groove, aka Tim Van de Meutter, has become a key member of the Hotflush family over the last 12 months, releasing two impressive EPs – Keep It Simple and Rooted – on the label in 2012 with his latest offering, the Heritage EP winning widespread acclaim within the scene.

It was also worth pointing out that San Soda and Locked Groove were performing back to back, which was very pleasing on the ears. The two Belgians blended a sublime mix of deep and sultry house upon their faithful onlookers. Hands in the air moments were a plenty and a marriage from the deeper basslines to the rougher cuts of house created a perfect five hour story. With the adjusted dance floors, freshly tuned speakers and tightly knit lighting, the middle floor is now a stand alone part of the club and offers that bit extra to your clubbing needs.

Both Locked Groove and San Soda delicately attempt to bridge the gap between house and techno, combining elements of the big room, the deep, and moody four to the floor to great effect.  Delivering a set full of sublime pieces of house music, continually evolving through different melodic phases, all tied together by a series of lovely basslines and simple vocal extractions that perfectly pierce the sound of the elegantly used pads.  Later on  saw the two delve into a more classic take on house music, builds  tension within the set until it grabs you by the scruff of the neck and thrusts you to the middle of the dancefloor. 

With Egg having had a change in direction in terms of interior and line-ups, it’s safe to say we are all looking forward to an exciting Autumn and Winter. Line-ups are on the verge of being announced and the likes of Tiefschwarz, Dense and Pika, Boddika and more are all soon to be let loose at one of the best venues in our capital.


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