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Eddy Temple Morris: Losers



We caught up with Eddy Temple Morris the curator and patron saint of Secret Garden Party ahead of the festival. We talked about how he got into music, his XFM show Ibiza Rocks and of course what to expect from the Secret Garden Party this weekend! And with tickets still up for sale make sure you get yours, its a must see! We also had a discussion about his family lineage coming from the oldest traceable family in Iran, all the way back to 660ad! As well as his amazing band ‘Losers’ who received a call from non other than legend Gary Numan, saying they were inspiring! Read on for all the details.

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How did you first get into music?

I guess like anyone really, just inspired by bands I saw play and heard. I then bought a bass guitar from Woolworths, it was the shittest thing ever… I started to put records on and began playing along to them, whatever I was listening to at the time. I was lucky, I just found it quite easy to play along and always had perfect pitch. So I didn’t need lessons, I could just play. Then of course I would practice and practice, getting better and better and then eventually ended up in bands. I ended up going to an audition of a band that two of whom were childhood heroes of mine who were staring with RCA at the time. I ended up getting the job and was flying around with RCA when I was 19 which was brilliant.

What type of music were you into when you was younger?

Well I was slightly to young to get punk first hand, so post-punk was my musical awakening, or goth as it was called then, bands like The Cure, Bauhaus, Killing Joke, Gang of Four, you now those were the bands I really loved back then. And then what really totally got me was when that sort of morphed into New Romantic, like Japan! Japan were the first band I really thought that I could just listen to them and no one else, or like when people used to just follow bands around, I guess they still do, but Japan were the first band where I thought I could ditch everything and just follow them around and I would happily see them every night of a twenty date tour. So that was seriously falling in love, and the first time that had really happened for me with a band.

I would like to talk about your extremely popular XFM show, as it was probably what got me to start listening to electronic music properly, so thank you for that. How did it all come about?

That is great, I get that from a lot of people, I would say I have converted, in the nicest way, a lot of young minds to venture the electronic scene. I would say I do a show that is a Dance music show for people who don’t like Dance music, and over the years there has been so many people that have thanked me for getting them into that music, or broadening their horizons, adding some more colour to their pallet and widening their brush stroke. So you are one of those people and I love it every time I hear that.

There is a lot of electronic music in the charts at the moment…

Yeah absolutely its undergoing its biggest renaissance for a long time, I have just written a blog about it actually. I was listening to Capital radio the other day and I thought this is going to be awful but half the stuff they were playing was stuff that myself and John Kennedy were playing a couple of years ago, you know like Rudimental, Disclosure, Duke Dumont, you know all these guys that we were hammering for a couple of years now, so its just amazing.

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