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Eddy Temple Morris: Losers



What does the future hold for you? Do you have any projects coming up?

Well I play bass and am a co-writter with a few guys in a band called Losers. The band is formed of myself playing bass and backing vocals, Paul Mullen (YourCodeNameIs:Milo) guitar, keys and vocals, Tom who used to be in the Cooper Temple Clause on guitar and vocals, then there is Dean who was in Young Legionnaire, which was a bloc party side project band. So its bit of an alternative rock synth group plus me and we make very epic, very emotional, very soaring music that has been used recently in CSI as an official tune in the Olympic games, and other tv stuff, so we have done really well so far in the TV side of things. We have made an amazing album, and we know its amazing because we had Gary Numan get in touch and say this is so good and that a. this is so good I want to take you on tour with me this November across the UK b. you’re going to blow me off stage. Also this is very inspiring to say the least… I mean this is Gary Numan saying that to me! I mean he is one of my all time heroes! We have had other big names get in touch as well saying along the lines of the same things which is amazing. We also had DJ Shadow got in touch and said this is a great album, you’re a great band and one day can I do a remix for you? I am really busy at the moment but I do want to do a remix. So it is really great to get such positive feedback from people. We are going to raise the money ourselves to bring out our album and go on tour with Gary Numan because we don’t have a label. So we will be doing that via pledge, which is a nice way of doing because it means you can connect with your fans and you can give them exclusive stuff and they can get as involved as they want to. They can download the album, get the album and remix album, or they can get right in and get a DJ lesson with me, an acoustic gig, dinner and DJ set, you know its all interacting with our fans which is great, obviously different levels of prices for everything (for full details on what you can get and price CLICK HERE).

Is there a fact you can give us about yourself that not a lot of people would know?

Okay well what you wouldn’t know or guess from looking at me, is that I am from the oldest traceable family in Iran and my family can be traced back to 660ad, and it is directly traceable back. Also to my knowledge and the University of London it is the oldest lineage from Iran, so that would be my fact.

For more information on this extremely interesting man, why not check out his blog at http://www.thecmuwebsite.com/eddytm/

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