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Eddy Temple Morris: Losers



The charts were indie/rock orientated for a while, then there was indie electro bands do you think that this eased the general public into the more electronic music?

Maybe, I mean there is definitely a case for saying that it would have helped but there are a whole range of sixteen year olds who would have no idea who any of them bands are. When those new-rave bands such as the Klaxons were out the sixteen year olds of today would have been ten or something like that so for them there is no link there. For people in their late 20’s – early 30’s there is a link but I see them as two completely different things. That indie/dance crossover was exactly that it was indie and dance crossed over, uniting the world of rock and dance. Whereas what is happening now is much more purist, and much more pure in the dance sense. I mean if you look at Disclosure that is a UK garage outfit, and I mean its like two kids doing new garage and they are what 18-19? I mean when the Klaxons were about they were just negotiating farleys rusks. Duke Dumont its all very pure, Rudimental the first single I played from them was a deep house track, deep house, drum n bass, soul its gone away from that crossover and is very much pure and deep.

I would like to talk to you about Ibiza Rocks and what you believe made it so successful?

Ibiza Rocks was me and Manumission guys doing something different in the back room. That’s what it was, them seeing what I was doing at cargo and going well house music is on the down at the moment, which it was, and saying the stuff that you’re playing at the moment is on the up so we would like to do something with you. So I hosted the first year in the back room of Manumission, that is really where Ibiza Rocks started. They will deny all this, its just became so childish, because I came up with the name and gave it to them and now because its such a big thing and such a cash cow, they  went bananas when I went public with the story of how I started that. As if I was going to come after them with an intellectual property suit or something like that. I didn’t do it for the money, I done for nothing but the love of music and I’ve always said that. Any to answer the question I just think it was timing, I believe it was when the Island was really gagging for something new and eclectic, and Ibiza Rocks is just about eclecticism really. I remember in the first year I invited my friend to come and play and the last time he had played in Manumission he had been thrown of the decks in the second tune. The owner literally walked up and stopped the decks, said this is not house music and escorted him from the club. So I got him back years later and he played an absolutely ecstatic set in front of the fifteen hundred people in the back room, and that was symptomatic of how the island had changed. So yeah now Ibiza Rocks is really big, it was just the right time and right place really.

What can we expect from Secret Garden Party?

Well its same thing different year, it’s the amazing Glade ten from Glastonbury which is a monumental tent and its called the Temple of Doom. And it is 3 days of amazing electronic music with a preponderance towards bass. So you will find Deep House DJ’s, glitchy Drum n Bass, you find some more incredible Bass music, so it’s a real mix bag it’s a reflection of my show and it’s a reflection of me really in a sense. Its all about the music and good times really.

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