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Dusky – Nobody Else EP



Label: Aus MusicRelease: 18/03/2013 

The rise and rise of Dusky since their 2011 debut Stick By This has taken not so much of a step, but a giant leap with the release of the Nobody Else EP.  It seems not a corner can be turned without hearing Nobody Else or seeing it charted, and rightly so because they have impeccably managed to capture the sound of right now, a seemingly simple but nevertheless complicated combination of electronic music styles influenced by genres stretching back to the late 80s. Recent remixes for Justin Martin and Hot Chip have helped too, but if you want to hear contemporary house music, deep and driving, emotional, soulful and bass heavy you’d do worse than pushing the button marked Dusky

Nobody Else itself is gathering the most momentum with its obligatory driving bassline and dubstep inspired wobbles, but the vocal snippets, strings, subtle arpeggios, metallic percussion and soaring melody show a softer, more complex side that straddles, house, bass, dubstep and more besides. A useable slice of deep house that transcends the dancefloor to i-pod I wouldn’t be surprised if you see this pop up on a compilation or two.

The rocket-ship track of this package is What I Never Knew, a low-slung, outer-spaced, vocal track with a sprinkling of other worldliness about it. Mature, yet very different and somehow still very current sounding thanks to the wobbly bassline and melodic rise and fall of its main elements, this is a sure-fire winner and the jewel-in-the-crown of this release.  

The final two tracks Atone & Dummy show a more raw, stripped-down sound aimed squarely at shaking the bug out of the bass bin and they are quality tracks in their own right, but are somehow eclipsed by the crossover appeal of Nobody Else and What I Never Knew.

Miss this at your peril, the mighty AUS are spot on point again.

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