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Dropping Bombs: Andre Crom



You have a huge show in London coming up at Egg, what is it about London that really wows you?

London always gives me a buzz. The city is so intense, so fast-paced and stimulating. If the weather was better, I could imagine to move there from Berlin, but I’ve already decided that my next home will need to have some more sun!

I also see you have some huge American dates on route, what are you looking forward to the most?

When I was growing up I always wanted to see the world, so it’s exciting for me that nowadays this wish becomes true; and I get to see so many diverse and interesting places all over. South America is particularly interesting to me as it has so many beautiful landscapes to check out, and it feels culturally quite different to Europe. The people I met there are very hospitable, and the atmospheres on the parties were always amazing.

I’m mostly looking forward to DJing at some beach parties, which is something I haven’t done so much of yet. And of course, BPM festival. I went for the first time in January 2013 and it was really great to make contacts and have some wild parties with old and new friends. Ultimately, I look forward to make all my Berlin friends hate me while posting beautiful pictures with me hanging out on a beach while they have to suffer Berlin’s winter darkness!

Can you give us an insight into your favourite tracks right now?

My taste has always been eclectic, right now I am getting back into toolish tracks for my DJ sets. Lately I have been getting booked to slightly bigger clubs and festivals, and for those you cannot go too deep, you need to maintain a certain energy level. For example, the upcoming Jay Lumen EP on OFF has a killer track called “Nobody” that’s based on a massive bassline and a tight jacking groove (out on OFF in early october). Later in the night I love to play a bit more wasted music. I really love Deetron for that time, or a classic like “PetterSome Polyphony“. What really touches me emotionally is a lot of what Innervisions do. Also, with my future personal productions I want to incorporate some elements of indie pop but these tracks are not always easy to mix into your sets and you need to drop them at the right moment.

Finally, if you have one track that inspired you the most in what you’re doing today, what would that be?

Daft Punk’sAround The World“. Of course, I don’t play this anymore, but when I heard it for the first time it really blew my mind. It’s simple but not stupid, catchy but not cheesy, and reduced on its essence. It is an underground track, but because it’s so good it crossed over from the underground into the radio and became popular with a lot more people. These are qualities which are very important to me for my own productions, the music I sign for OFF, and most of the stuff I play.

Andre Crom Plays at Egg London as part of an Off Recordings Showcase on August 23rd and Teenage Mutants & Andre Crom ‘You Don’t Know’ is out now on Beatport


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