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Doorly & his Reptile Dysfunction


It’s been just a few years since Pete Tong touted Doorly as a future star, but not even the Radio 1 icon could have predicted just how rapid his ascent would be. As of 2016, he can already add two Essential Mixes, multiple Beatport and Traxsource No.1s, including a month-long stint at No.1 in the Beatport Chart with ‘Gravity Check’ (2016’s Biggest Selling Tech House Record on the site), production for Usher and Nicki Minaj, sharing the stage with The Prodigy & LCD Soundsystem, acclaimed releases on Cajual, Dirtybird and Hot Creations and studio collaborations with Green Velvet, Switch & Grandmaster Flash to his ever-growing list of achievements.

Doorly cut his teeth in his native Huddersfield, running his own after hours warehouse party and booking the likes Armand Van Helden, Fatboy Slim, Annie Mac, 2 Many DJs and eventually Pete Tong, who was so impressed by his ability behind the decks that he offered him a Live Radio 1 Essential Mix direct from the club. Following this seal of approval, Doorly’s gig schedule took on a life of its own, with DJing in Time Square New York, and every major festival plus touring regularly alongside Fatboy Slim & Soulwax just some of the highlights.

At the same time as touring, Doorly was working hard honing his craft in the studio, establishing himself as a versatile, in-demand producer. We caught up with him to chat about the summer so far and his new label Reptile Dysfunction, before he plays at Egg London this evening.

Hey martin, how you doing? how has the start of the summer been so far? didn’t you just play Hi Ibiza?

Yeah it was amazing, I did the New Terrace last weekend. Its pretty special that club, Imagine you could build your own club with a blank chequebook, well this is what you would get! can’t wait to play again later in the season. Ive also done my month long residency of Doorly & Friends parties at Pikes and now handed over to XOYO & DJ Harvey and I’ve played Mambo and Cuckoo land as well so far. everything has been wicked.

Oh wow, that is impressive and makes me more excited to see, obviously you were a big part of Space in the last 5 years – so they must have done something right! Who did you have with you at the Pikes parties?

Yep, theres a lot of resistance to the Space thing, which is a bit annoying and i’m bored of people moaning about it to be honest. Space was obviously amazing too, i had some of the best nights of my life there but this is a totally different club and its been a great thing for the island to shake things up a little and make things fresh. The level of professionalism at Hi is so impressive on all levels. My pikes parties this year i had Soul Clap, Red Rack’Em, Raff Daddy (2 bears) and Miguel Campbell plus my very solid team of island residents. I tried to play longer sets myself this year as well as i usually book too many friends and leave no time for myself and always regret it as its so special playing there.

Yeah i’m bored of the Space moaning and i’m glad to hear that its being done this way. Oh that’s great to hear about longer sets – its such a rare thing these days for longer sets. You island residents are they some of the guys that are featuring on the new compilation on the label?

yep correct, Charlie Rope, Griff and Blantyre are residents at my Pikes parties. Josh Newsham is also island based but he’s much more straight up house stuff so i’ll be using him for other stuff, also a wicked DJ. The’ve all got a really bright future so thats why i wanted to do this EP to Give them a leg up and shine a light on them.

Let’s chat the label, what inspired you to start your own label Reptile Dysfunction and can you talk us through who’s on the label and what highlights you’ve released so far? What direction do you plan on taking the label in the future?

It’s been an amazing project and I’m having so much fun being an A&R and bringing though new talent! We’re 3 releases deep right now and the next one comes out today, which is the first in a series I call ‘Young’uns’ where I do a mini compilation of brand new never-released-before artists that I’m working on full EPs for later in the year. It’s really nice to give the young talent a break just like Pete Tong, Fatboy Slim and Cajmere etc did for me when I was coming up. I also have a huge EP coming from Jaydee (the legend who made ‘Plastic Dreams’) that’s going to blow Ibiza apart this summer and another track featuring Idris Elba which Skream and Patrick Topping have been kind enough to remix for me. All releases moving forward will be on vinyl as well and we will be doing a quarterly Disco Edits series too.

You mentioned vinyl releases, you’ve been digital for a long while – haven’t you? or have you dusted of the 1210s?

I never stopped buying vinyl, its how i started like 15 years ago, i moved onto CDJs but still kept buying vinyl as theres just some stuff that you can’t get digitally especially in Disco Edit world. Ive been playing around 50% vinyl in my sets again for the last year and a half as i just fell in love with it again. I really wanted to do vinyl for all the releases for the label from the start but it takes so long to press them these days and we needed to get launched to the First vinyl release for us will be the next EP by Jayvee next month and then most releases will be both Vinyl and Digital except for our Disco Edit Series which will be Vinyl Only. and as for my 1210’s I’ve got 4 and they’re all knackered so i bought a shiny new pair or the pioneer ones which i much prefer now to the technics.

Oh wow, that’s cool. Yes those new pioneer decks are nice – are you still an ambassador, for them? We’ve just had our resident Ben Sterling learning with Pioneer on the new production kit – have you been using them?

yep i sure am. Ive been using the Toraiz which I’ve been waiting all my career for in every set as part of my set alongside the RMX1000 the possibilities are endless. Pioneer are really coming into their own now and the developments of this series is so exciting!

Obviously in the last 24hrs there has been a LOT of Soundcloud rumours of closing, what are you thoughts as a label owner?

I feel like it’s all gas and disgruntled former employees, surely if it was that bad somebody would buy it. I can’t see it actually going anywhere. I really hope so anyway it would be such a shame to see Soundcloud go it’s been a vital part of the music industry to break young artists and discover new music. However if the worst does go, no decent label should have all their eggs in that one basket anywhere, if anything theres too many platforms now and really hard to keep up.

Yeah, agreed. Have you started using the power of Spotify playlists yet for the label?

I’m literally doing a few right now to catch up a bit, Getting into the groove of the first few releases and The start of the ibiza season swallowed all of my time so there will be some nice fresh ones up this week. We’re also currently setting up a Bandcamp store as well as outside of vinyl shopping its my favourite way to find rare jams these days.

Oooo, i’m looking forward to seeing the channel then, i’m a big fan of Spotify, lets chat about your productions. You’ve recently worked with Cajual and Play It Say It, how do you come up with ideas for such projects and how do you choose to work with such labels?

It’s something that happens naturally when playing alongside your peers and I’m naturally a fan of the labels. I’m good friends with Seth, Jamie Jones, Vonstroke and Cajmere (Green Velvet) so releasing on their labels is a natural thing to release with family when you have the right track to offer. Hot Creations, Play it Say It, Cajual and Dirtybird feel like the natural homes for my varied tracks outside my own label which I save the really left field stuff for!

You’ve worked with Cajmere and Grandmaster Flash which are big achievements and can you tell us a little bit about the chemistry and how you came up with the concept for these tracks in the studio?

Cajmere is a god! Nobody understands putting together a hooky house (or techno as Green Velvet) record like that man and having his insight in the studio is priceless. He’s literally always right…its annoying haha! 🙂 Flash I became friends with through DJ-ing and we naturally connected as mutual minds on a turntablism tip so it was loads of fun to work in the studio with him as his knowledge of disco breaks is second to none so he’s like a big beautiful shiny golden sampler full of joy!

How does it feel to be hosting your Doorly and Friends Events” at Egg London and what four tracks gives us a glimpse of what you’ll be rocking on July 14th?

I started doing at Pikes in Ibiza about 5 years ago and they were so much fun that doing them around the world was a natural next step. Having an entire line up of friends makes for an infectious atmosphere for the crowd too. I’m loving throwing parties at Egg London as it’s always great fun and this time I believe we will be opening the new outdoor area so really looking forward to that!

Here’s a few tracks I might well drop…Colour Castle & Doorly – ‘Stay Hungry’
Unit 2 – ‘Sunshine’ Kink Remix
Andy Toth & Billy Love – ‘Thrillseekers’ Chuck Daniels Remix
Lexa Hill – Super Santos

Doorly and Friends including Lauren Lane and Jesse Perez come together to open the Egg London garden this Friday July 14th. For all info please check out www.egglondon.co.uk and Doorly is up for a DJ Award this year in the Best House Category for more info head to here.

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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