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DJ Hazard – Time Tripping



Label: PlayazScore: 8/10 One of the biggest dubs of the last few months finally sees the light of day and, even more incredibly, gets a limited vinyl release due to Playaz fans demanding it make it to black wax. Time Tripping sees Hazard continue his ascent from jump up beat maker to one of scenes leading producers, regardless of style.  His familiar use for obscure movie samples is in full effect, shuffling breaks and low rumbling bass lines make Time Tripping one of the more stripped back Hazard numbers in recent memory. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t pack the usual punch you get from a Hazard record. Its got weight in abundance and is further proof that when he leads, others follow much later.  On the other side is Digital Bumble Bees. Now, I’ve listened to this tune repeatedly and still not sure if I’m totally into it or not yet. The buzzing lead riff bring the title into perspective. It’s got elements of what you want from a Hazard tune but it’s definitely one that may need to grow on me some more, much in the same way It’s A Secret off his last EP did.  

Regardless, Time Trippingis the sound of what he’s doing in 2013 and it’s only a good thing. His rep has spread beyond jump up and is being felt by the minimal crew and the tech heads. And for that, I salute the man like Hazard.



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