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Divvorce – Vanessa (A Dreamer)



Label: Fifth WallScore: 8/10 

After just a ten month tenure Brooklyn based imprint, Fifth Wall is already catching the eyes and ears of a plethora of house and techno fanatics. This latest EP from co founder, Reilly under the moniker, Divvorce puts it nine releases to the good with this being his second outing on the label. As stated in a recent interview for, Resident Advisor in their label of the month feature, the aim of Fifth Wall is to bridge the gap between US and European Techno, with the sounds coming out of the UK in particular being of core inspiration.

‘Wander’ is as elicited by its title a meandering kind of track, with dreamy synths and hi-hats that pedal on with the varying force of a wash cycle. The crunchy rugged bassline and tightly bound toms give a very human touch that is countered with a robotic, Daft Punk-esque vocal.

‘Roquentins Release’ has synths that feel like a swarm of angry hornets evilly teasing their beastly victim, sat atop a bumping breakbeat and softly reverbed hats that filter through intensity. Towards the end sweeping heaven-sent ambient chords wash over it like the changing of the tides at full moon. Label associate Physical Therapy’s remix brings a more remorseful vengeance to it, adding in grand piano chords and transforming it into a straighter piston like drum structure, with a hazily muffled vocal echoing out feelings of regret.

Final track, ‘Anny’ remixed by Unklone has remits of Joy Orbison and Boddika’s, ‘Mercy’ in a deeper and slightly tribally kind of channel. With scattering percussive clicks, sporadic chants and a low growling chords that gradually elongates its reach, before the whole thing seems to blow itself out of existence.

With releases like this it is easy to see why Fifth Wall is fast becoming a buy on sight kind of imprint. In terms of Brooklyn and the sounds coming out of there, it lies closer to White Material and their ‘working man’ style techno, but make no mistake they aren’t imitating no one. 


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