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Discovery: 5 Minutes With Tim Green



Tim Green has never been one to take the conventional road. Having come to the attention of discerning tastemakers aplenty thanks to his many intricate productions, the British producer is now residing in Paris, a move that’s facilitated more time in the studio for the self-confessed sound obsessive. What’s more, he’s also recently started his own label, the brilliantly titled Disc Over Music. Those of you wondering if Green has pulled a DJ Harvey need not worry, however, as the label’s name simply implies a double meaning (or a double entendre as they’d say in his new home city), with Disc-Over meant as ‘Discover’. With Timo Maas and My Favorite Robot among those who helped usher in the label with some seriously astute remixes, the label’s future looks every bit as bright as Tim’s too. And that’s far from all that’s keeping him busy, with a return to Sven Vath’s Cocoon imprint penciled in for December. We pulled up a chair with Tim recently to talk labels, Paris and his show at Egg London…

So you’re in Paris at the moment?

Yeah! That’s right, I’m using it as my work space between here and the UK. It’s only temporary but I’m really enjoying it right now, it’s a great city.

I saw you did a studio masterclass recently, how was that?

Really interesting thanks, but it was quite hard to get fully into as I only had a certain amount of time. I managed to talk about the process of my productions. Because we had a time limit on it, it really kept the whole thing appropriate. You know we could either have no time limit and sit there for 3 hours just chatting about music and possibly going off point, or we could just get straight into the production and process of releasing music. So in the end it worked out well.

What did the master class entail?

It was all really simple to be honest. We ventured into how we start off a track in the studio and moved into basslines and melodies. There is so much you can do now with technology, plugins and so on, so it was great to be relevant to today’s market. 

Your new label has begun. Tell us about the ethos and inspiration behind it?

You know, I have been asked to do it time and time again, but I was either not quite there yet in terms of inspiration or just too busy. There are so many labels out there at the moment pushing great artists or churning out amazing music, that other great labels often fall by the way side. A lot of my friends kept sending me unsigned music and I when I thought about it, for a while I just thought, go for it. We now have a platform for myself and some friends to push our music. It’s like an extension for what I’m doing on other labels also, and it gives me a newfound freedom too.

How does it vary from what you have done on a personal level previously?

Well I’m always trying to do something different, but within the boundaries that people will know it was me making the music, if you’re with me? The only thing now ism I don’t have to worry about approaching artists or labels anymore, I can just release what and when I want really which obviously has its benefits.

In my opinion the name shouts a disco theme, but why did you chose it?

Well, the original idea was to have a double-barrel name where it could merge into one, or for it to have a double-meaning. If you look at the logo, the ‘Disco’ is above the ‘Over’, so when the vinyl is spinning you can see the logo without it looking upside down. I always had the concept of being able to notice the logo in whatever sense. Disco-over or Discover sounds cool to me and has more than one meaning. I can’t take full credit, though, as it was actually my girlfriend that came up with it. I came up with the design.


Can you tell us about your first EP and having legend Timo Mass and My Favourite Robot on board?

Both Timo and My Favourite Robot are friends that I have known for a long time. I have just done a remix for Timo myself and when I asked him, he was more than happy to return the favour. The tracks really fit with the direction of the label. Both also offer something really different too.

You also have another track on Cocoon, can you let the cat out of the bag on that one also yet? 

Yeah of course! It comes out in December, a two track EP from myself. The A side is quite bass heavy where as the B side is a more classic Cocoon EP, quite trippy. I actually only finished them quite recently. I really relish and love working with Cocoon. 

Gig wise, you had a special performance at Egg London.  What’s it like returning to London?

Well at Egg it had been about 4 years since I played. I have heard a lot about it and from an outside perspective I see they have tried really hard to push themselves to the forefront. A lot of friends have performed there and said they have a great time and the crowds have been awesome, so it was really exciting to come back and play there on the new soundsystem.

Finally, what else do you have lined up production wise and tour wise?

Well I’m playing in Basel, here in Paris, then I’ll be back in Manchester. We will be announcing the second release from the label soon too so watch out for that.

Tim Green releases his new EP ‘Humming Syrup’ on Cocoon on December 16th. 


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