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Dimensions Festival, Fort Punta Christo, Pula – Croatia




The Data Transmission boat party set sail later than the rest. It was 20:00 and the sun had set. As the celebrations began in the fort, we climbed aboard and slowly pushed out sea. Pedestrian led the mix with an eclectic set comprised of all kinds of the best tracks around today. Before we’d realised, land was out of sight and we could barely see the horizon in any direction.   Like some sort of parallel universe that’d we’d all left reality to; floating on some another plane, helpless victims to the rhythm and euphoria. Lost at sea.

Space Dimension Controller followed up with a techy electro set of interstellar proportions throwing artists ranging from Oni Ayhun’s ‘Oar004-B’ to Todd Terje’s ‘Snooze for Love’ and League Unlimited Orchestra’s ‘Things That Dreams Are Made Of’. Dark Sky’s Tom and Matt took to the decks as the final showcase of the journey, igniting the strongest reaction from the crowd. It was genuinely upsetting to see the shoreline, but luckily we’d been blessed with an extra 30 minutes in addition to the heart racing, unreleased track, ‘Odyssey’.

We found the time to have a few words with each of the artists and here’s what they had to say.


So have you been to Croatia before?

Yeah, been to a couple of Soundwaves. Not this year, but the two years before. It’s my first time at Dimensions.

What do you think?

Amazing! They’ve done such a good job as well. Every arena sounds amazing and it’s really well run. It’s been amazing programming.

What did you think of playing The Dungeon last night?

It was really good. It’s been loads of fun. Yeah, playing in a dungeon is quite strange with the way it wraps around. I’ve learnt from this time that next year I’ll need to bring along a face mask to battle breathing in all the dust from the fort.

So why the name ‘Pedestrian’?

Well the name came about while I was living in Cambridge and I got into like 120bpm sort of music and a more experimental side. I’d just walk to work and uni, everywhere since there’s no point in driving. I just used to walk around and figured out that the tempo of about 120 is the perfect tempo to walk to. Also with all my tracks I like to start somewhere completely different from where it ends. I just like so many different types of music.

Lastly, what do you define yourself as?

I don’t know. Producer/DJ? I do whatever, I just make tunes…

Space Dimension Controller

What do you think about Croatia and the way it’s blown up over the last few years?

Yeah, it’s great. I mean nice weather, but like outside the festivals, I kinda get a little confused, but yeah like it’s great.

You were playing Boiler Room yesterday. How was it?

Yeah, it was sweet. I mean, it was the first time I’ve ever done a live set on Boiler Room. It was only like half an hour as well so…

Yeah, nearly forgot we were broadcasting around the globe. Do you think there should’ve been a bit more stuff like Boiler Room going on during the day?

Apart from the Beach Party? Yeah, well I suppose it makes sure everybody’s in once place during the day. It’s probably the best place be during the day. It’s total chill out. All the rocks though, they’re not very comfortable. Not a very sandy beach.

(A bystanding lad interrupts) Scratched CD!

Yeah, did you see it!? It had like fucking dents in it. Ridiculous. Wasn’t like that last time I checked. It was just a serato cd. That’s why the music stopped because it was absolutely fucked.

At least it’s not as bad as scratched vinyl.

I know, but it was like a really ‘hands in the air moment’ when I was mixing in another tune and then it spazzed out. Shit, I’ve had worse.

So any upcoming projects that you’d care to tell us about?

Got a new thing coming up on Clone in a couple of weeks. The first is just SDC and not Space Dimension Controller. It’s kind of a change up from the concept I’ve been doing for the past few years, just kinda making music.

So change of name = change of style?

It’s still me, but everything I’ve done as Space Dimension Controller has been so conceptual. This has just been me making tunes with thinking about all that shit.

Dark Sky

So. Croatia?

Hot. Dusty. How many times have we been to Croatia? What is this, 5? Obviously the second time for Dimensions…

Have you seen a large difference between the first year and this?

We’ve seen a lot more acts this year than last, which we’re really happy about. Every night’s been amazing music. I mean, incredible music. Programming was really working for us. Love the way the festival’s just been progressing over the four days.

Got to hand to the sound systems, they’ve been so crisp.

We’ve actually been having a chat about this. We think last year, the sounds systems were way better. Yeah, cause they’ve been banging on about ‘the void’. They’ve all got ‘voids’. I don’t know.

What’s the unreleased track that you just played on the boat?

Odyssey’, the track’s called ‘Odyssey’. Oh yeah, that’s gonna be an album track probably. So we’re working on that right now, coinciding with all the live shit. No idea when it’s gonna be released. Early next year hopefully. We’ve been it to then go to labels, not the other way round.

Good. Making it for yourselves then.

You can’t rush these things. It happens when it happens, you know what I mean? 

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Photography: Benjamin Eagle Photography/ Zoe Lower

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