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Different Voices: HVOB



After setting up their collaborative project less than a year ago HVOB or Her Voice Over Boys have made plenty of noise in the electronic music scene as the Vienna natives delivered a series of highly acclaimed live performances, the most high profile of which was at Vienna’s own Electronic Beats Festival and the successful Dogs EP. Now following up with their debut album on Oliver Koletzki’s imprint Stil Vor Talent this month we caught up with vocalist Anna Müller to find out more about the exciting duo behind the sleek beats and sultry vocals.

If I could take you back to the beginning and ask you what first drew you to electronic music?

I think it was Radiohead’sKid A” in 2000 that first got me into electronic music. I really love them, but they’re not the reason why I love electronic music in general. I have always loved music ever since I was a child, and I didn‘t exactly “decide” to make electronic music. I just wanted to make music I love and I can dance to. And so does Paul, my colleague in HVOB. We never really thought about how it had to be when we started to make music. We just did it. But the final sound of every song is really important to us, that’s where we spend a lot of time, too.

How did you two meet and what made you decide to form an outfit?

Paul Wallner and I founded HVOB a year ago – we make a good team and complement each other perfectly. He is more technical, I am more creative. We thought about creating a project together and have been playing music for quite some time now.

What were/are your influences?

When I produce music, I try not to listen to other stuff. That’s the reason why I am quite bad at knowing what’s going on in the music scene. It would keep me from finding my own sound. I want our sound to be unique, not influenced by others.

Where was your first gig together?

Last year at the German MELT! festival. It was such a great concert, we were warmly welcomed by the audience. I was a bit afraid of people’s reactions, it was on the “Sleepless Floor”, and a very well known DJ from Germany played a very hard set before us. But people really appreciated it. It was a great experience.

Just why exactly are you called HVOB? It’s an interesting moniker and we’d love to know the story behind it.

HVOB stands for “Her Voice Over Boys”, and underlines our situation where a female is also the producer of the project. It’s nothing political. We just liked it.

You seem to be playing a fair few festivals this summer.  Do you enjoy playing festivals and what different challenges do they provide in comparison to playing sets in clubs?

We never play sets. We always play live, together with a drummer. And we never play other people’s songs. We only ever play our own material. And we love both festivals and clubs. There is no difference to us.

Vienna seems to be a hotbed for electronic bands at the moment. Why do you think this is?

The electronic music scene in Vienna is definitely competitive with the other major cities in Europe, and has a lot of different aspects to it. Just to name a few internationally very successful artists: Dorian Concept, Elektro Guzzi, Wolfram. And there is the local club culture -the “Pratersauna” club definitely set new standards in terms of bookings and the art of partying in Vienna when it started three or four years ago.

We are very familiar with the Pratersauna crew and are glad to be part of it. We are working together with their VJs lichterloh.tv – our videos and visuals are always produced by them. It’s hugely important to us that these things are always produced by the same people, because for HVOB, the music and visuals are inextricably linked.

You were relatively unknown when Oliver Koletzki signed you. How did this come about? 

We met Oliver a year ago when he had a concert at Pratersauna. We got to know him, sent him our tracks and he liked our music.

Could you tell us about the processes that you go through when creating new music?

I work with Logic at home and deliver the base frame for the songs. Most of the time I finish the beats first and then I lay over different sounds and melodies, at the end I add the voice and last of all the lyrics. In Paul’s studio we then arrange and produce the songs. All the vocals I record at home as well, though. Paul is responsible for the fine tuning; he is a lot more focused on that score.

What does the future hold for HVOB? Any collaborations or other big projects you can tell us about?

We just released our debut album “HVOB”, and on April 26th we will release our third EP “Always like this”, with really strong remixes by Oliver Koletzki and andhim. You must listen to them!

HVOB’s eponymous debut album is available now via Stil Von Talent. Check out andhim’s remix of ‘Always Like This’ below.


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