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Designer Labels: AnaloQ



With a focus on forward thinking underground music, AnaloQ is a label quietly making itself a solid reputation for quality, uncompromising minimal, tech and dub-techno. Although not much has been documented thus far on the London based label, they have already gained support in the vinyl record bags of King of the underground Ibiza DJs this summer, Enzo Siragusa. As well as boasting an impressive Soundcloud guest mix series featuring names like David Gtronic, Proudly People and Bunte Bummler, these currently rolling off the tongue as ones to watch going into 2015.

Recently the label launched its very first release and is looking forward to the opening label showcase at Switzerland’s Hangar 11. With their name appearing in all the right places, AnaloQ look to have a promising year ahead of them.

We took some time to chat to co-founder and one half of Kolo & Dyze, Lee Clement, to discover more about the background of AnaloQ and their future plans. To coincide with this, Lee also delivered us an exclusive mix from forthcoming AnaloQ artist Jessica Diaz.

Firstly can you tell us a bit about the label origins?

AnaloQ was never really a planned thing to be honest, being DJs and producers ourselves as Kolo & Dyze; we already have a big passion for house and techno. We’re always being sent promo’s to play out and tracks that are work in progress to give feedback to, after a while we decided we’d take on the challenge of running our own label to push out some of the music ourselves.

What is the concept behind the label?

The label has quite a simple ethos really – just to push quality music. It’s a platform to release music we are inspired by and think other people will be too!

Is it fair to say you have kept your cards close to your chest in your early days with not much information on the label being publicised? Has there been a reason for this?

Yeah kind of, it’s not about announcing things too early. We want to build a bit more of a hype up with what we are doing, so we’re just pushing things out there when we feel the time is right, but we are working on a lot at the moment… watch this space.

Is there an affinity that you hold with London as a city? Do you think there is something that sets it apart from other cities in terms of underground electronic music and culture?

I love London; I live and spend a lot of my time there. It’s a great city full of inspiring people, iconic venues and amazing music but I wouldn’t say it’s the only city doing it: Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich all have loads going on. New York is also starting to look pretty exciting!

Although in your early stages you seem to have built up some good relationships with some great DJs and producers across Europe. Could you give some insight into how these relationships have been formed?

We’ve been DJing together as Kolo & Dyze for the last few years now and have got on some really cool line ups across Europe, so we’ve built up relationships with some really good people over that year, which has given us the opportunity to work with some of them on this project now. Big shout to TAF as well, 2 wicked DJ’s and producers from Germany which we’ve signed onto the first VA. They’ve been a great help towards the label in so many ways behind the scenes too.

Can you tell us a little bit about your guest mix Soundcloud series? You have already uploaded an impressive array of mixes from some of the hottest talent in the minimal/tech/dub-techno scene. Artists like Wade, Proudly People, Bunte Bummler and Alex Fuente. 

Yeah we’ve had some really good mixes in already. The latest one from Monika Ross is wicked, we get artists on board that we really admire and we are also signing some of them to the label. It gives them an opportunity to just freely play the sounds they are feeling at the moment and also show some of their production as well. We’ve got some more really big mixes coming in, but we don’t want to give it all away. Keep an eye on the AnaloQ soundcloud.


Your very first release on the label was is out now as a vinyl only various artists release. How did you go about selecting tracks and producers for your opening gambit?

Well as it’s a V/A we wanted to bring together a collaboration of music that relates to each other but also where each track stands out in its own unique way. I think we got that balance just right, there’s a dance floor weapon in there for everyone, whether it be for a day party or for the early hours of the morning. I wouldn’t say any of it was a difficult process as such, we knew these artists quite well before bringing them onboard AnaloQ. They’re all so talented, so we had faith in them from the start and they all definitely delivered! We’re really pleased with it; it’s had some great early support and got straight up to number 20 in the top 100 chart on Deejay.de.

With early support from some of the key names in the scene such as tINI and Enzo Siragusa, are you surprised at the reaction your music has made with just one release so far? This must be encouraging as a label owner to see.

Yeah it’s been really cool, I get sent videos / be.at.tv links of some of the key names dropping AnaloQ tracks a fair bit and I’ve got to say it is massively encouraging for us, Enzo Siragusa playing them at tINI & the gang, East End Dubs playing them at Sankeys Ibiza. We’ve also had videos of them at roof top parties in Barcelona, D.Edge in Brazil, Origami in Tokyo, It’s wicked to see the music being played world-wide for us and the artists as well. Just the other day I was at Fuse at Village Underground and tINI played ‘TAF – De Tuna’ which is on the first VA. Having someone I look up to as much as her playing the track at one of my favourite parties and seeing it get such a huge reaction was unreal. I tried to video it myself but I was pretty drunk and forgot to press record! Duh! 

What are your plans for future releases? Can you share any particular tracks and artists that you have to come on AnaloQ?

We have a lot lined up from some seriously talented artists, some of them more established, some of them are fresh up and coming artists. I’m really excited about all the projects we have going on, some of the music I’m being sent is amazing, so we can’t wait to push it out there/ I don’t want to give too much away just yet but the next release coming out of AnaloQ is an EP from a really talented Belgium guy called Jerome C. He’s putting out so much amazing music; it’s been a pleasure to work with him. The EP also includes some massive remixes from Stuart Hawkins, Max J and a collaboration remix from us with Melle J.

You recently also announced details of your first label showcase taking place in Switzerland. What can we expect from the party?

Yeah we have a party at a new club called Hangar 11 which is in Winterthur next to Zurich in Switzerland on the 25th October with Bunte Bummler, Dan Noel, TAF who are all on the first release and also ourselves too. We are proper excited for this, we’ve kept a close eye on things going on in Switzerland, they have a really cool culture, lots of big parties, good music and good people so we can’t wait to get over there and party with them. The venue is sick, it’s like an intimate warehouse space with wicked light displays and a big sound system, it’s completely perfect for us and our sound. Massive thanks to Simon Beutel and the Hangar 11 team for having us. We’ve also teamed up with the Fraktion Tanz crew for a party with them in Bern, also in Switzerland, at Bonsoir Club on the 15th November. Here we will be taking Dan Noel, TAF and ourselves to jam with their residents, which we are also really looking forward to.

Do you plan to extend these label showcases across Europe? Are we likely to see any label nights in London with your close rooted connections to the city?

There are loads of places in Europe and beyond that we’d love to take AnaloQ to. We will be lining up lots of parties in the New Year, with new label signings and guest headliners and we are also in the middle of organising a residency at a really cool venue. Watch this space for more info soon.

You have chosen Jessica Diaz to present this mix. Tell us a bit about Jessica, can we expect to see forthcoming music from her on Analoq?

Yeah big thanks to Jessica for putting together this mix for us. She’s such a talent! We’ve been following her for a while now and we’re big fans of all her work. She truly is the full package; she’s one of the top producers out there for us at the moment, as well as a great DJ. As for her signing on to AnaloQ, you’ll have to wait and see. Enjoy the mix!

 Words: Tom Warner




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