Denney & Guthrie – Turn my Back

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85148.jpgLabel: Love Not MoneyScore: 8/10 

Luke Pompey’s Love Not Money has been on a roll of late, so much so that it’s now safely considered one of the UK’s most promising house music imprints. Their latest outing from label mainstays Denney & Guthrie does this reputation no harm at all, with ‘Turn my Back’ the sort of sweaty dancefloor weapon that’s come to characterise the label in recent times.

The original is the most potent of all. With a deep backbone at its core, it matches the latter with myriad of other elements, not least a sultry vocal, a fair tinge of 909 and a breakdown that’s brimming with energy. It doesn’t always follow a straight path either – which just makes it even more exciting.

Hot Creations regular Robert James crops up for the first of the remixes. His bell-happy remix is more bassline orientated, and it offers a nice twist on the original in the process. Electriciano then adds an urban-infused vocal and a dollop of cosmic synths to the table with his interpretation, while the Leeds based Tim Weeks wraps up the EP amongst a barrage of drums and relentless percussion on his remix.