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dayzero.jpgDay Zero, the post-apocalyptic Mayan extravaganza run by seminal electronic label Crosstown Rebels, returns January 10th 2015.Taking place on the site of three jungle pyramids near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Day Zero has an original premise, explained by head honcho Damian Lazarus: “We created Day Zero to commemorate the apocalypse, the end of the Mayan Calender and now that the world is still intact we gather each year to celebrate life, friendship and love at one of the most surreal, beautiful and thrilling settings on the planet.” With ancient Mayan rituals, firewalking and astromony sessions alongside some of the world’s most forward-thinking electronic artists, which in previous years has included Massive Attack, T.E.E.D., Jamie Jones and Art Department, Day Zero certainly presents a unique festival experience.

Watch David Terranova’s Rebel Rave #14 documentary, filmed at this year’s event, below:

Tickets are on sale now, grab yours here.


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