Cyclopean – Cyclopean EP

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Label: Mute/SpoonScore: 9/10

Last year’s mammoth release of The Lost Tapes reasserted Can as one of the all-time influential bands, so a new project involving original keyboards scientist Irmin Schmidt and super-drummer Jaki Liebezeit can only cause major ripples. Cyclopean was born at a French studio in May, 2011, the Can pair joined by long-time collaborators Burnt Friedman and Metamono’s Jono Podmore [who edited The Lost Tapes]. The result is as compulsive, intoxicating and aurally challenging as anything likely to be encountered this year.

The Can connection is apparent from the first moments of ‘Apostles’, Leibezeit setting up sparse tom tom-heavy propulsion, over which the others graft an ever-shifting array of sounds and effects, morphing into a new form of supercharged future dub. ’Fingers’ is a spellbinding foray into the outer limits as Schmidt unleashes ghostly Can-like keyboard tension over Leibezeit’s bare pulse, again put through the assembled’s astral blender, the telepathy here gloriously apparent.

12″ & Download available for February 11th 2013