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In Conversation with… Ruede Hagelstein



Ruede Hagelstein a child of Berlin, almost that is. Actually born in the rural surroundings of the capital he decided to move inside Berlin in the year 2000. Nevertheless call him a city-dweller cause the city is where he feels home. After civil service he left ´mean´ Brandenburg trying to find work as a ricochet in web-agencies, movie-shakes and magazine night-guides. From the proceeds of the new economy he soon is able to buy himself the first records.

He is fascinated of the artwork mixing and with every night that is being danced through his drive to express himself through it grows. At the same time his passion for writing leads to the long coalition between him and the FLYER Magazine where he works as editor for many years making him even more intimate with the Berlin clubbing culture.

Ruede Hagelstein heads up the first Berlin Berlin party of the New Year at EGG London so we thought we’d catch up with in our ‘In Conversation with..’ series. 


Hey Ruede, how was 2016 for you and what were your highlights and why?
2016 was a bit exhausting for me and I had less time for producing music because of all the travelling I did but I had great times playing from Australia to South America and finally I’ve found a new studio space here in Berlin. In the end I released some good tracks in 2016 including the remixes for Marc Romboy`s ‘Counting Comets’ on Bedrock, Darlyn Vlys ‘Colours’ on Upon You and ‘House For All’ on Get Physical which stand out for me.

Having grown up in Berlin, can you tell us how you got into the Electronic Music Industry and who were your earliest inspirations i.e. clubs, djs, record stores, etc?
I was listening to BFBS London in the early 90’s, then I discovered Techno music from Steve Mason’s ‘Experience’ Radio show and then I found my way to clubs like Tresor when I was 14 years old. When the Love Parade was growing too big, I decided to stop listening to Techno and played in bands and other projects. I got back to the Techno scene with my job as a music and nightlife editor and then I decided to become more professional and went to audio school etc… to continue my journey.

You’re clearly an Electronic music fanatic but are there any other musical genres that interest you and what appeals about them?
There is absolutely no genre which couldn’t tell me something. I’m planning another indie album for 2018 next to my DJ techno circus.

Part of Berlin’s cultural scene for any years now, you’ve worked in magazines and clubbing including hosting your own Restrealitaet party and can you tell us about that and what compelled you to start DJ-ing and making music

When did you start producing your style of music and who influenced you with their creativity and in what way?
Basically I started with Ambient music, when I was 15, inspired by the Aphex Twin and Nu and Old School Electro. Later I bumped into Electro Clash and Minimal and then found my way somewhere in between.


How did you come up with the idea for your break through track on Freizeitglauben and then “Sweaty Ball” on The New Fresh EP on Freundinnen?
‘Jonny B’ was basically my first ever released track and it was more an after hours joke than a serious piece of music. But ‘The New Fresh EP’, which followed right after the Freizeitglauben release is a better example of my real ideas about dance music at this point. Influenced by electro clash and pop, I was so lucky that it got signed to ND_Baumeckers label. Ivan Smagghe was the first person charting it and I was as happy as Larry that day 🙂

You’ve collaborated with Tiefschwarz and do you like working with other producers and what are your favourite tracks from such teamwork and why?
I’ve worked a lot with Tiefschwarz and the best track we did was ‘Fire It Out’ Extended Version. Just in the moment we released two other tracks on Younion – very dark electro techno-ish stuff, and then another EP seems to follow on Multikulti Records, which is a bit lighter, but different to everything we did before. Yes, I like to work with other people and there’s much more to come in 2107.

You also released the ‘Apophenia’ album and can you describe the sound of that and what kind of ideas and sounds have gone into it?
‘Apophenia’ is minimalistic, playful and without any borrowing from ‘modern’ club sounds. I tried to be free and go where the wind blows me. It was a very interesting journey and unleashed from everything I did before and now.

There must be a few DJ/Producers that make you get your groove on, when you get a chance to go out and who do you listen out for?
I don’t go out at the moment but I’m always happy to play with great artists at parties. I love my Watergate crew. The best mix I heard in 2016 was from Job Jobse – great DJ.

Since the start of your career what have been the most exhilarating and incredible moments and why?
I enjoyed the Fusion and Secret Garden festivals to the max last summer.

You’ve been a resident DJ at Watergate club in Berlin since 2006. Is it still as exciting to be gracing the decks after such a long time?
Of course, there is no place I know better and it’s just around the corner from my home 🙂 I love that place – it’s like my second home.

What have been the highlights of your residency so far and why?
I’m enjoying every single night of this residency and the best thing is to take some influences from this to my other shows, and also to invite my favourite artists to share a whole night, like with John Digweed a couple of months ago.

Are you looking forward to be bringing the Kater Blau experience to the Berlin Berlin party alongside The Sorry Entertainer and Peter Schumann – it’s gonna be an extraordinary night and what can people expect on the night!I’m feel very comfortable with the Kater family and of course I’m looking forward to having some fun over in London at Berlin Berlin. My girlfriend’s joining and she doesn’t travel that much with me so it’s going to be really special and lots of fun.

And before we leave to head out to Berlin Berlin what should we be listening to?

1. ’8’ – Traumprinz -It’ my favourite Album this year next to Jimi Jules’ ‘Equinox’
2. ‘Higher Level’ Bicep Remix – Isaac Tichauer
3. ‘Slowly’ Radio Slave Remix – Dinky
4. ‘Electrica Salsa’ Roman Flu¦êgel Remix – OFF feat. Sven Väth (24bit_MS_FIN)
5. ‘Don’t Forget Your Sword’ – Daniel Bortz
6. ‘Hope’ – Zidan, Red Axes
7. ‘Saladin’ – Innellea
8. ‘Through The Pain’ (Joaquin Jo Claussell’s Modulated Tortured Dub – Away Soundsystem
9. ‘Soulmakers’ Deetron Remix – Mathias Kaden
10. ‘Spektre’ – Christopher Kah
11. ‘The Wall’ – Mass Digital

Ruede Hagelstein heads up the first Berlin Berlin party of the New Year alongside Okain, André Galluzzi, Kater’sThe Sorry Entertainer and Peter Schumann, Sisyphos trio Jonty Skrufff, Fidelity Kastrow and Juli.N More and residents Kyle E, The Willers Brothers, Ireen Amnes and Fidel on Saturday January 21st at Egg London. All Info on www.egglondon.co.uk

To buy tickets for this event please visit the events page: Berlin Berlin: Sisyphos Showcase & Berlin All Stars tickets from Skiddle.

Ticket sales by Skiddle Promotion Centre

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