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Colman Buckley – Pipe Dreams EP


MIL2.jpgLabel: MILScore: 8/10 

Irish producer Colman Buckley perks up here on Manchester label M.I.L for an effort that speaks volumes of a talent that’s clearly been waiting to be discovered for some time. Full of nimble dancefloor charm and more intricate, ornate offerings, this is an EP that uses every last ounce of its powers to make an eclectic impression.

Easing us in is ‘Pipe Dream’, which, incidentally, is also the name of the EP. With its coursing analogue vibes a firm feature throughout, it glides at a solemn pace when it needs to, but also finds time to ramp things up when appropriate. A track of many guises, it’s also an apt insight into the EP as a whole. ”Tonality” is another perfectly executed wedge of house music with its roots in retro aesthetics, while ‘Time To Loose’ fascinates with its clever chords and its various other melodic tidbits. ‘The Struggle’ is the concluding track, and this one has anthem written all over it thanks to its unlikely merging of well-trodden samples. Fantastic work from Mr.Buckley.  


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