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Circoloco’s 16th Anniversary – DC-10, Ibiza



Visiting the prestigious Ibiza commodity known as DC10 for the second time in the space of a week having never attended the club before, you’d think I was developing quite the taste for place, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Paradise on Wednesday was by far one of my favourite nights of the season so far and considering this was the 16th anniversary of Circoloco, I anticipated an atmosphere of equal proportions, if not greater.

Establishing itself amongst the iconic Ibiza scene way back in 1999 (your parents may even be able to tell you about the opening party it was that long ago), Circoloco has never looked back since. Even to this very day, Circoloco occupies the same Monday night slot it did 16 years ago and it is still going just as strong, with the 16th anniversary billing being one of it’s most impressive to date. Names like Seth Troxler, Tania Vulcano, Dyed Soundorom and many more were set to light up this historic night.

Described as one of the biggest names in the game today and arguably the biggest name on show for Circoloco Monday night, Seth Troxler certainly lived up to the expectations provides to him by such labels. The Detroit favourite exerted his heart and soul into his performance on the 16th anniversary leaving revellers looking on in sheer amazement at his abilities behind the decks. The mesmerising magician who has showcased his wizardry at gigs at electronic music hotspots such as Fabric and Panorama Bar continued with business as usual dropping famous mixes from his illustrious career spanning over 11 years in truly emphatic scenes. 

Troxler didn’t have the spotlight all to himself though. Dyed Soundorom made sure of this. Like a rugby player bursting through the opposition to score one animalistic try, Dyed made his presence for as soon as he touched the decks inside DC10. The crowd’s attention was firmly focused upon this fine, cutting-edge piece of French talent and throughout the duration of his set, their attention was unmoved. Fascinated with the results produced by the chemistry between his hands and the decks, Soundorom addicts everywhere fist pumped their way into a sweaty yet rhythmic frenzy as the dance floor moved simultaneously in motion. The Circloco resident displayed exactly why he deserved that label as he injected the crowd with litres of underground thrillers. His deep electronic roots shone through too making his set even more worthwhile.

My personal favourite act of the night had to be Tania Vulcano. Performing at DC10 on a weekly basis, Tania is recognised as one of e biggest talent’s on the billing each week, but Monday night more than ever. This was the 16th anniversary of Circoloco and having never attended the event before in my life, I for one certainly had high expectations for her and she didn’t fail to impress. The Uruguay native ensured she wasn’t to be out-done by the underground prowess of Dyed Soundorom and had all eyes on her when she dropped Criminal Groove, electrifying the dance floor into a state where they could simply not stop moving to the beat of the Vulcano drum. Varying her set up from house to tribal to funky, Tania captivated the audience in a very unique manner. However, as eruptive as her stage name suggests she is, nobody could anticipate her guest in the DJ booth – none other than P Diddy himself. 

Just partying in the same room as P Diddy gave me goosebumps and provided me with a catalyst for the rest of the night as a motivator and a reason to live out my first Circoloco experience to the absolute max. Berlin duo, Tale of Us ensured my night continued to get better and better. Having played in several major super clubs in Ibiza before, Karm and Matteo certainly were no strangers to the DC10 stage as they embraced the awesome crowd with tracks from Troxler’s label, Visionquest. Movement was then created by the initiator of movement, Ellen Allien, as she graced the revellers of Circoloco with such glorified works as LISm and Dust, containing many memories for fans who hadn’t heard her music before and bringing back memories for those who had.

Of course, what would DC10 be without its legendary and most favourite son, Damian Lazarus. This Circoloco beauty treated fans to such classics as Smoke The Monster Out, Neverending and Diamond In The Dark – definitely all worth a download on your smart phones.

However, by the time 4am had rolled around, DC-10 had been opened to the public for almost twelve hours, therefore just shy of half a day. My back was sweating like Niagra Falls and my legs felt like they were going to collapse. Taking into account I could barely feel my feet by the end of the night and I was in that much pain from dancing so hard to the acts on show, they can all give themselves a well deserve pat on the back whilst I can treat myself to a rare foot massage. 

Only if I could’ve celebrated my 16th birthday the way Circoloco did.

Words: Matty Adams


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