Channel X – Slowly Falling Leafs

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Channel XLABEL: Stil vor TalentSCORE: 7/10Few artists made quite an impression in 2012 as Robosonic. Thanks to their efforts on seminal imprints such as Jackmode and OFF, they struck a chord in a market yearning for off-kilter strands and unique and discerning sound mannerisms. Thankfully, they repeat the trick on their most recent outing, a pulsating remix of Channel X’s “Slowly Falling Leaf”. Yet rather than lean toward canny, catchy samples, the duo turn their attention this time towards pulsating, ‘big-room’ sounds and luscious vocals. The ubiquitous bass guitar strands play a notably focal role, yet it’s Natalie’s neatly retained vocal that grants the track an added gumption. And while the original maintained an airy, summery vibe, Robosonic manage to tactfully turn it on its head via a series of astute horns and mesmerising and joyously erratic rhythmic patterns in a manner that few other producers would dare dream of. Their ode to their fellow German’s original might make use of a severely contrasting style, but there’s no doubt about it: it’s a job very well done indeed. 

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