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Cera Alba – Take Control


artworks-000078824455-o5ux5r-t500x500.jpgLabel: GruuvRelease: 16/06/2014 

As anyone who’s followed Audiojack through the years can surely attest to, it’s clear that the lads know top draw house and techno talent when they sees it. And so it is that after stunning releases from the likes of Copy Paste Soul, that Cera Alba takes control for the latest release for Audiojack’s Gruuv imprint. The British producer has proved himself most adept at handling emotive and intelligent house fare over the past few years, and his latest EP is more of the same in that essence.

First up on the Take Control EP is the sounds of ‘Fractures in Time’. A charming and enthusiastic gem of a tune, it’s striking in its haunting melodies especially. At its core are a host of twinkle-toed melodies and an uptempo strand that can’t be ignored on the floor. And the drop, well, the drop is just naughty! A canny tool when used in the right place, that much is for sure.

‘When you Feel Her’ is another track of note, and while the producer turns down the heat a bit here, this one is still stifling hot, with echoes of old-school panache a prominent feature throughout. It’s also further indication of Alba’s liking for blissful, pitched-back hues, with just the right of suspense left intact. ‘The Raw L’ is a real head-nodding organ-laced jam, while Dutch starlet De Sluwe Vos closes out with a remix of ‘Fractures in Time’ that’s indebted to a booming bassline. 

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