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Brotherly Love: The Martinez Brothers



Whilst it is often releases that get artists on the map and garner them respect amongst colleagues, for The Martinez Brothers it was their unbounded energy behind the decks coupled with their youth that initially caught our eye. Today they are in huge demand worldwide and their releases, in particular “H 2 Da Izzo”, have kept us enthused and yearning for more. The two brothers (Chris and Steve Martinez) from the Bronx, influenced by the music played by their father throughout their upbringing, thrived on a musical childhood that would later prove the cornerstone that propels them into a global phenomenon. Now regulars at legendary clubs including DC-10 and Shelter in New York The Martinez Brothers are undoubtedly stamping their mark on the EDM scene. DT were delighted to catch up with them prior to their closing set at We Are FSTVL. Though what was most astonishing about the young duo is not their exponential rise to fame, nor their ability to rock a party but the priceless humility they both exude. Having in such a short space of time worked with current and past techno and house luminaries, including Dennis Ferrer and Seth Troxler, it is a breath of fresh air to meet two successful artists devoid of arrogance and superiority.

Been looking at your tour schedule and you guys are busy. You’re here then the Circoloco opening party, which is big, Portugal, France, Ireland all in just a week. What’s going on?

Just doing what we do, the DJ life, playing music.

How is it?

Amazing! Living the life.

The festival season’s started, this is the busiest time of your tour schedule. How do you keep sane?

This guy we know named Fil keeps us sane. He’s only 2 inches though, but he keeps us sane.

I don’t need to know how many inches he is.

Oh, shit! Can you guess by the look of him?

I’ll leave it there I think! Around about 2008 things really started kicking off for you guys. What happened in 2008?

I think it was just that around then we were the youngest dudes doing this. Around 2007ish around then a lot of people would come out to see us because a lot of people would say “they’re young, I wanna see these young kids playing…”

As far as in New York, that’s what it was. I mean 2008 we started travelling Europe but prior to that we were playing loads of gigs in New York and at that point we were the youngest kids in the club, so people wanted to see us DJ and play the music that we were playing and the fact that we were young just made it that much more interesting.

How did you get into big clubs in New York at such a young age?

I mean when we started DJing it became a non-issue especially when we were playing in Pacha on a regular basis. Cielo is still a regular spot, Shelter, you know it’s a legendary club in New York.

Once we started DJing it was pretty easy, my dad would travel with us to the clubs. Most of it was Myspace too, a lot of it had to do with Myspace because I hooked up with Dennis Ferrer through myspace. If I didn’t do that I would never have got that gig at Shelter because the Shelter party was through that. So as soon as we played at Shelter that time then we kept playing at Shelter after that time. The first time we played it it was nuts.

You’ve played Shelter, Cielo, KaterHolzig. You’ve played some big parties what is the most memorable moment for you guys so far?

The first time we played Panorama Bar of course. Then we went straight to Bar25 for the first time right after that. The original Bar25.

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