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Brotherly Love: The Martinez Brothers



What do you get up to outside of work?

Work! All we do is music. We play basketball when we have a chance, crack a few jokes…. well we’re always cracking jokes. But otherwise we’re always surrounded by music.

In terms of production you guys haven’t produced that much lately, remixes wise you have but not much of your own stuff. Is that because you’ve been so busy on tour?

You know you say that but we have been busy with remixes and we have loads of new material coming. We make music all the time but it’s all about timing when you put out records. You know it’s good that you’re like “when’s the next thing coming out”.

We’re actually finishing up a Green Velvet remix that’s gonna be out on Circus this year. We’re working on a Timo Maas remix that we haven’t finished yet but we’re working on it.

Obviously “H 2 Da Izzo” was huge but is that your thing, you enjoy remixing?

We started getting into remixes recently. I think it’s also a nice part of it to have some dope remixes. But you are gonna hear some original stuff soon.

I’m pretty sure you’re fans will want to hear some original stuff soon.

Our fans are in for a rude awakening!

So talking about “H 2 Da Izzo”. Where does the name come from? Are you just big Jay-Z fans?

Aaah, huge! And for the record, I’m glad this has come up because we have to get this clear! I’ve been noticing that on the chorus of “H 2 Da Izzo” you guys are struggling to know what this girl is saying. She’s not saying “Kezzaphone”, I don’t what a Kezzaphone is but Kezzaphone gotta go. It’s not “Telephone”, it kinda sounds like telephone and I look around when we play it and I see people singing “Telephone, telephone…” and I’m like it’s not Kezzaphone definitely. I can see why people say telephone.

It’s called “H 2 Da Izzo” because “There’s a ho”!!

Where’s “V 2 Da Izz-A”? Is that coming up?

I didn’t think of doing it. So… “V 2 Da Izz-A”, that’s coming!

You’re playing Circoloco opening, anything else you guys are excited about? Anything else you want to give us an inside snippet of?

Actually in a couple of weeks we have our first party at Sonar, the line-up’s already looking crazy. With Dyed (Soundorom), Dan Ghenacia, Guti (live), Pointe G, Fil Sonik, Fosky and there are more DJs to be announced. It’s a 17 hour party so it’s gonna get a little crazy.

So… something that we have coming up that’s not out in the open is that we’re working on loads of hip-hop music. Loads! All kinds of hip-hop. I don’t wanna say too too much…

With artists that we know?


And are you going for an electronic vibe to it?

You’ll see. I don’t wanna say too much but it’s coming. This year it’s coming. Watch out!


We shall await the upcoming releases from The Martinez Brothers with eager anticipation if their past productions are anything to go by. Alternatively, The Martinez Brothers can be caught internationally over the summer months. Following up on their Circoloco opening party appearance they play the Amnesia opening party in Ibiza on 8 June and Sonar on 15 June and 16 June.


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