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Brotherly Love: The Martinez Brothers



Why were they so memorable for you guys?

That was just kind of the first time we really got to know what Berlin was about, what the whole hype was about. We’d played in Berlin before, like Watergate and stuff like that but at that time period our music style was changing and after that moment we started understanding the culture and the sound.

I mean there’s a difference between just DJing and DJing when you’re immersed in the culture because in order to DJ you have to understand it. That was kind of like a turning point because we were like you gotta know what this scene is about, we gotta be in this scene. You gotta go out, you can’t just DJ and expect to be a bit DJ. You gotta know it, you gotta be in it and people have to take notice of you and you have to be welcomed in.

So what’s been the craziest moment for you guys so far?

Right now the crazy moment is playing DC-10. The craziest moment is knowing that tomorrow we’re going out to DC-10. That’s crazy.

You guys still play in the States a lot and although the crowd there is catching up with Europe, there must be a way that you tailor your sets to a crowd in the States to a crowd in Europe.

It’s all about sprinkling. Do it tastefully, when you play for those big club, you make them feel comfortable. You just adapt to it, you don’t change, you just adapt.

There is of course a big difference but you can’t expect crowds to be the same in the US to those in Europe but you play the things that you would play out here and you get them accustomed and they learn. Right now, they’re definitely learning and they’re open. So, little by little it’s coming up but compared to Europe, no way.

Rock music played a big part in American music culture and I get the impression that the crowd is now catching up.

I mean electronic music had it’s peak and now it’s just coming back around again. All this stuff already happened, all this commercialism of house music already happened in the 90’s. It’s nothing new, it’s just come back in a different form, that’s all.

On the topic of the States, I know that you’re dad and uncle joined you guys at WMC. Did they have a good time out there?

Amazing time. They went on tour with us and they just hung out with us more. It was cool just hanging out out there, we didn’t even party that much with them out there, just chilled.

So you guys are playing a closing set tonight. If you look at the line-up the line-up is huge and you guys are closing. How does that feel?

It’s amazing. It’s crazy but we don’t get caught up in that thought, we don’t think of it like that. That’s for other people to think, but I mean thank you, I appreciate it. When people say it it sounds crazy. If I think about it I’m like “that is kinda dope”. I don’t come here thinking wow I’m the last person playing. Try to stay in that humble state you know.

You guys played the closing party at Sankeys too.

Sankeys was a big part of our career. Huge. The party was insane because they switched up the basement. They made it a lot bigger, the DJ booth is on the other side, the room is a lot bigger. It looks kind of a lot like Ibiza actually. They did a good job.

It must be pretty cool being in partnership with your brother, back to back.

It’s THE best. It’s blood to blood, it’s an emotional bond.

So you’re together in the studio, together in the booth, surely that’s enough of each other’s company. Do you still hang out together outside of work?

All the time, we live together.

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