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Brillstein – Back2Bed


back2bed3.jpgLabel: Play It DownScore: 8/10 

Having worked alongside stellar names of the electronic music world a la Jesse Rose, Oliver $ and Diplo, Brillstein – regardless of your take on his music – is the sort of producer whose credentials are as impeccable as they come. The artist who also goes by the name of Thee Mike B, has been a lynchpin of the LA scene since the early ’90s, but it’s now, on his full debut for Rose’s Play It Down, where he really looks set to leave his mark.

The album in question is Back To Bed, and it’s an uncompromising listen that’s full of no nonsense 4/4 beats as well as moments of melancholia and introspection alike. In short, it’s exactly the sort of music we’ve brilliantly become accustomed to hearing from the Play It Down camp. Opener ‘Ode 2 Da Nude’ is an oddly names if carefully crafted and refined effort. Rambunctious but discerning, it sets the tone for an album that’s fully-loaded with funky motifs from the first beat to the very last.

There are numerous other tracks to play with and what’s notable here is how Brillstein squeezes every lost drop of energy out of the pack: you won’t find any unnecessary fillers or fodder on show here. ‘Je T’adore’ is a fine example of what I’m talking about in that it rides a quality-laden wave but still finds time to emphasise the producer’s obvious penchant for driving house music. ‘Is it Sew’, however, is my own pick of the litter: a wailing synth monster that’s characterised by its fully-loaded percussive edge, if you don’t get down to this then you might be best served elsewhere.

Of the remaining three tracks which comprise the second half of proceedings, ‘Environmental Produce’ sticks out from the pack, primarily because it sees Brillstein go out on a limb a bit. I’m not saying this LP doesn’t take chances – on the contrary, it really does – but it truly shines when it goes the extra mile in search of musical delights. A feast for fans of house music, this one’s sure to go down a storm with Play It Down/Made To Play devotees especially. 


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