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Label: Southern FriedRelease: Out Now

Since first hearing his emotion-wracked tones on ‘Break Down The Walls’ on Trax Records in 1986, I’ve considered Robert Owens to be not only the greatest voice in house music but one of the most amazing soul singers of all time. Nobody gets inside a song then feels his way out with such all-consuming passion as Robert and he would have been up in the superstar bracket long ago if he’d toed the line.

Instead, here’s another sizzling example of his devotion to the spirit of the music he helped instigate; animated, soaring and committed to the party booting off as he perfectly depicts the anticipation and euphoria of going out on a Friday night. The necessarily pumping soundtrack is supplied by Bot (Main Course, Blood Music), using thunderous kick and sparse percussion to create a boiling groove cauldron which must have reminded Robert of Ron Hardy’s Music Box mayhem.

Remix-wise, Fur Coat take it into the early hours, Riton stokes tension with propulsive riff dogfights, Sona Vabos and X-Press-2 whip out an old school organ for proper house carnage and Eagles & Butterflies puts it through a lysergic voodoo blender with acid house bassline (vocal and dub).

Going to be the hottest thing this cold winter, if it isn’t already.


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