Bonobo in Berlin

Club Review


Gretchen goes 2013.

Written By James Pearce

So, that’s it. 2012 all done and dusted with and what another  fantastic year it has been for music. The Gretchen club plays host to my post 12 ‘O’ Clock  party, as Bonobo takes centre stage, finishing the year as he started, in promotion for the “Black Sands, remixed” album.

After a rather explosive start to the year on the streets of Berlin, which can only be described as something halfway between an end of the world party and a warzone, the night sky is alight with fireworks and explosions. You will never see anything else quite like it.

I arrive around 2, missing Gretchen’s ever present, Delphonic and Soulmind. The place is absolutely packed, as I expected, for the venues Silvester party but,  it was nice to be eased in to some warm familiar tones of Bonobo for the early hours of the new year. There is a makeshift stage means that Si (Bonobo) was in front of the stage on a platform, surrounded by the crowd, many of which were chatting to him throughout. The song choices are a good dancing tempo yet melodic. One thing that this year has made me realise is that Bonobo is very  comfortable behind the decks as well as an accomplished musician and producer.

He spins a fair amount of his own music, including many rehashed edits from the “remixed” album, blending with classics and unknown sounds. A huge chunk of the set sounded like brand new Bonobo material, which is a nice treat. Although “Black Sands” has echoed in my ears since its release I for one hope that 2013 sees  a new Bonobo album see light.  

Highlights of the evening include “Eyesdown” a rather rushed “Getting Me Down” by Blawan, and ”3D” by Koreless as he is hopping through genres and tracks like a madman.

After a while I start to feel jaded I decide to go for a wonder around the venue looking what the other rooms have to offer. Room 2 is blasting minimal tech as pretty much expected for many a Berlin party across town. After a short stint  I go back to the sounds of Bonobo, by which point I am exhausted and start thinking of heading home ending what has been a very enjoyable morning. Let’s hope 2013 has started as it means to go on.


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