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Boiler Room London featuring OGz, Logan Sama, Preditah & Bloodline Family B2B Slew Dem Crew



With this week’s terrible news of Cable shutting its doors, Grime once again finds itself in a sticky situation. It was the one ‘big’ London club happy to cater for a genre that itself accepts the reputation it carries. Luckily for us we’ve got internet channels like Grime Report & Link Up TV that continue to push the brand to the masses, and this time it was Boiler Room’s turn and they linked up with Kiss FM’s Logan Sama to put on a lineup that got tongues wagging from first glance.

I walked in to Grime veteran Alias playing tune after tune of his own production, which really wasn’t a bad thing. He’s one of them producers who’s sound is instantly recognisable, and it was nice to hear some of his new stuff alongside his classics like Gladiator and Warriors. I actually leant over to my mate during the set and commented on how I’d usually be annoyed at a DJ only playing his own tunes, but he warmed up the night very nicely. J-Sweet was billed to perform b2b with Alias, but spent half an hour attempting to set up his USB controller only to just give up out of frustration. Alias was also playing on a USB controller and it was quite funny watching all the stares as people walked in, I don’t think these types of controller will ever be properly accepted on the dancefloor!

Up next it was the nights curator, Logan Sama’s turn to take to the decks with the MC crew combination which almost deserved shining lights around it on the net-flyer – Slew Dem b2b Bloodline. If you like grime you probably would have seen last December’s Boiler Room Ruff Sqwad album launch party, where Slew Dem also made a guest appearance and pretty much shut the whole show down. Going to this definitely eased the pain of not making it to Boiler Room then. Chronik just has something about him which can get you more hyped than any other MC on the set, I think it’s something to do seeing the enjoyment he gets out of performing his super-aggressive lyrics. And if he wasn’t enough, the whole Bloodline clique showed up. Big H ran the show with his skippy flow, Meridian Dan & 9 Milli Major were on top form, and Prez T came with his usual smart word play. Slew Dem’s G Man turned up for the last 20 minutes of the set and just proved why is definitely in the top 5 MC’s at the minute, he has a technical flow which seems to bounce off any beat but does it while making it sound effortless.


Up next was Birmingham’s chief Grime kid, Preditah. I’m not going to bang on about this as it is a personal opinion, but he just added to my hate of producers getting DJ sets while possessing very basic, or usually well below average DJ skills. Don’t get me twisted, he is running the production game in this genre and it was that alone that saved him during the set. I once again leant over to my mate about half an hour in and made a reference back to Alias, and the potential that Preditah has. Just like the first set, he played about 90% his own tunes, and bar a few clangers, the set didn’t get boring.

Closing the night off were the questionable headliners, OGz, featuring guests. Many thought, myself included, that the combination of Slew Dem and Bloodline deserved the top billing, but the festival favourites were deemed a better sell for the night. Logan Sama stepped back up on the decks for this and whereas in his first set he had the place jumping, he seemed to be playing a bit more what he was feeling rather than keeping the vibes going, which was honestly needed during which was an up & down set from OGz. Jendor kicked things off and provided what was one of the sets up whilst Little Dee was his usual decent self. The guests on the set were Ruger, who just seemed to mumble for a minute and a half and then have the cheek to actually say sorry on the mic, and Kozzie – now I’m really not a Kozzie fan but I think the level of this set showed with him getting the place bouncing the most. P Money didn’t seem to be feeling it for the first half but stepped up towards the end and proved why he is the OGz head honcho, his partner in crime Blacks was nowhere to be seen and his presence seemed to be missed a bit by the rest of the crew.

It was an up and down night, but I liked it. Being from a pirate radio background, this just took me back to the old days. With only one PA all night, Chronik’s new single ‘Deepest Darkest’ (check out the controversial video on Youtube), it really did just flow like an old skool night on Deja or Rinse. At any other night I’d be banging on about it being a sausagefest in there, but that’s how I grew up with this genre, moody looking guys just enjoying the music getting wavey in the corner. More night like this please, Boiler Room!

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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