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Ben Sterling learns Pioneer DJ’s Toraiz range


The SP-16 sampler and step sequencer is the first in Pioneer DJ‘s line-up of music production tools for DJs and producers. They’ve partnered with the legendary synth creator Dave Smith to add his Prophet-6 analogue filters, so you can give your creations a rich, analogue warmth and presence.

The second musical instrument in Pioneer’s TORAIZ range, the AS-1 is a monophonic analog synthesizer that brings new creative possibilities to the studio and the stage. Its intuitive controls include parameter knobs that let you make both subtle and dramatic changes to the tone of your music to create your own personalised sound. Plus you can use the touchpad-style keyboard and slider to manipulate sounds during performances.

We sent Ben Sterling down to Pioneer to meet Rob Anderson to learn how to use the TORAIZ range and then create us a track from this learnings! You can download the track for free from here and listen to it in full below!


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