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Ben Hemsley gives his Top 5 Inspirational Tracks


Ben Hemsley is a 22-year-old producer from Newcastle, who’s had a keen interest in creating music since the age of 12.

He has self-released a small number of his own tracks for streaming, some of which have attracted a lot of attention, and have helped him to grow his profile. Thankfully, this has led to a fast-growing number of sets both locally and more recently, nationally.

Lee Foss’s Repopulate Mars turns its attention to Newcastle DJ and producer Ben Hemsley for a playful new single entitled ‘Caress Me’ that comes backed with a firing remix from Latmun.

With ‘Caress Me’ out now on Repopulate Mars, Ben give us his Top 5 Inspirational Tracks.

Yazoo – Only You

Although this isn’t a dance track, I had/have a mad obsession with Vince Clarke. From Yazoo to Erasure, everything he seems to be a part of, I absolutely love! He helped me realise that you can make electronic music an actual “song” that’s not just meant for clubs.

William Orbit – Barbers Adagio For Strings

This brings back memories… the first dance record I remember hearing, driving along the seafront with my mam and my brother, always skipping to this track on any dance compilation CD we listened to. I’m pretty sure they were all the same just in a different order. When I first began producing, this would always be my reference track, and everything I made would just sound like a really really bad remake of this.

Daft Punk – Instant Crush

I love this song. I actually love the full album. Every time I listen to it, it inspires me to want to write music, really good music.
It also makes me realise that I don’t want to feel restricted to only creating and producing dance music like house and techno, I love to experiment with different styles.

Deadmau5 – Bleed

I’m a huge deadmau5 fan. His production is on another level. He was and still is in so many ways an inspiration to me.

This is another track that just makes me want to make something I love, even if I know it’ll never get released and no one will ever hear it, it’s a reminder that I make music for my enjoyment, and always want it to be something I love doing and not have it feel like a job.

Ben Hemsley – Caress Me

I can’t say I listen to this track anymore at home. I’ve heard it like 5000000 times now. I still get goosebumps when I play it out and it’s a buzz to see the reaction it gets. It’s mad how many people out there know and recognise the track.

It will always have special meaning for me, no matter how many times I’ve heard it played because, at a time when I’d tried so hard for so long but nothing seemed to be happening with my music, Lee Foss contacted me out of the blue and asked about signing it which was an absolutely amazing feeling!

For me, the song is a reminder that however bad things seem, just keep trying and don’t give up because you never know what life is going to bring your way.