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Balance Presents Guy J



Label: BalanceScore: 8/10

July saw Guy J release his installment of the  long running and esteemed Balance compilation series  with ‘’, spanning 80 minutes and containing 13 surgically blended tracks, each having been remixed by the man himself. Some of the tracks came from well known peers from within the scene and with a smattering of content from up-and-coming artists we’re yet to love. What all the tracks have in common is none were released before the compilation’s own date. The hospitably warming mix of techno and progressive house, most appropriate for the home setting, takes its listeners on a journey of emotions, enticing you with its ethereal vibes. One of the pride and joys of John Digweed’s label, Bedrock, Guy J has gone on to create his own sub-label, Lost & Found, which is currently working its way into the spotlight.

The opening track, DJ Yellow & Flowers and Sea Creatures’s ‘No One Gets Left Behind’ is a bit unusual. It’s beatless and eerie, but beckoning with Thom Yorke style vocals lacing the effort to put listeners into a state of trance. We journey further to other situations with APM 001’s ‘Migrants’ (Radio Slave Acapella) boasting a bit more funk,  a bit more mess, and some mind-bending vocals in what was fast becoming the theme of the compilation – challenging vocals riding over unconventional beats. Dactilar – ‘Day One’ is bathed in a warm, bubbling synth line that trickles down to a near flat-lining melody. The keys of Echomen – ‘Perpetual’ dance within warm and submerged lyrics. Another hit, ‘I’m Your Country’ by Guy Mantzur picks up the pace again with a charged bassline cut running over Balearic breakdown before Guy J bookends the mix with another lucid and beatless wind-down.

The production is an ingenious and thought-provoking compilation. He’s slaved away, creating, writing and producing it, meticulously sifting through previously unknown tracks, overflowing with potential. Look to this mix for a pilgrimage that’ll test your mind and provoke emotions you’re not used to feeling in the club atmosphere.


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