Bad Cop Bad Cop- Wings Of Techno

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Label: Polemo RecordsScore: 8/10 

Bad Cop Bad Cop is the brainchild of Alex Cortex and Lopazz, two versatile German producers adept at various types of electronic music ranging from 90’s electronica through contemporary IDM to minimal tech house and heads-down thumping techno. Their latest album on Pomelo Records, Wings Of Techno, is a departure from traditional dancefloor-oriented materials to more unpredictable territories, taking the listener on a intriguingly twisted musical journey.

The LP indeed begins in a relatively subtle manner – ‘Surfing USB’ and ‘Hilton Hi-hat’ are both summery and tasty numbers that don’t really foretell the ups and downs and diversity featured on the album; but as it unfolds twists come to the fore gradually starting with the raw screeches of Cornplex, a retro-futuristic electro banger whose macho and mechanical traits contrast sharply with the previous flowery vibe.

Despite the unpredictable flow there is no lack of nice surprises – on ‘Bodyless Material’ the indie rock-esque male vocal couples with the driving and wobbling bassline forming a chic electro pop/rock tune, whereas ‘Come Swallow Me’ has a fine dose of peculiar jazztronica flavor, and ‘Retro Futurist’ wraps things up in the form of a dreamy downtempo affair with its beats reminiscent of the Balearic era.

Indeed, from start to finish the album is permeated with a strong quirky and retro feel – whether it’s at the most organic or mechanical point there’re always some sort of playfulness and references to the past, making it coherent as a whole in spite of the wide range of elements deployed. Whilst at first glance the direction of the Wings Of Techno could be slightly disorienting for some, it’s likely that the slick production and eclecticism will get into full swing and shine through on the follow-up listens.