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Aztech Knights Launches



Aztech Knights, Loco London’s sister project, is being launched at Crucifix Lane on Friday 20th February 2015.

Loco London wanted to bring something different to a ravers calender and this is sure to be one not to miss. What you see in the title is what you get, a blend of Aztec culture with the ‘H’ at the end to remind the customer, that tech house and techno is on the menu.   Why Aztech? The idea of hosting a regular night isn’t good enough, the guys at Loco wanted to bring you a new concept and the though of bringing together a historic culture, with a futuristic twist and adding a bassline is what we see as a perfect backdrop to what you will witness on the night.

Launch night see’s ANEK (Viva Warriors), Dana Ruh (Cocoon), Reset Robot (Drumcode) and Violent Blondes bringing different vibes and elements of their styles to what will be a sold out event at Crucifix Lane.

Tucked away inside two railway arches with bare brick walls, a long dance floor, mesmerizing lighting rigs, a Nova Line sound system and then adding a flare of Aztech Culture this will be the mother of all Launch nights.

For tickets head to Resident Advisor


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