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Area Forty_One – Nocturnal Passions Part I



Label: DelsinRelease: Out Now 

In amongst the returning favourites and well established names garnishing the epic Delsin DSR100 compilation was a cut from Dennis van Gemert. This has now translated into a full single release for the legendary Dutch imprint, with a release of such quality that will surely see the Area Forty One moniker resonate strongly on the radar of all lovers of things electronic.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as gorging on purist electro and the Nocturnal Passions EP is firmly geared at filling the void of even the most gluttonous. However, the range of the tracks on show transcend a typical bare brick warehouse setting, this is grandiose electro of such scale that it could fill even the most cavernous of concert halls.  

Nocturnal Passions Part 1 – which itself instills a hope that we will see a follow up – swells with expansive strings, these with such impact that it feels like the bow is being slid across your vertebrae, hunching you up with every ever so slightly detuned held note. Moving deeper into the Area Forty One world, we head towards more techno oriented sensibilities with Freefall. Although this would imply a step towards the standard, you would be wrong in assuming so, Freefall is no less gothic with faerie tale scales decorating the grittier undercurrent.

The tempo is taken down in Isolated Soul, reminiscent of early nineties trance before it became sullied by the shallow riff laden monster we have today, with the lightest orchestral flourishes being countered by dark saw wave textures and the iconic touch of the 303. This then leaves Reminiscence, which is almost a summary of all the moods showcased so far – present are the cavernous alien electronics of Nocturnal Passions, Freefall tendencies towards the spiderish and the sheer presence of Isolated Soul – spun together into an ambience that lingers on in the mind.

Delsin have finished 2013 in quite some style and their emphatic 100 release celebration may have very well overshadowed this cut. It cannot be emphasized enough that, when surfacing on a label that is renowned for exquisite electronic works, being taken aback by a release such as this is a sign of genuine quality and shouldn’t be missed.


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