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Anja Schneider Vs. Sebo K


Label-mates Anja Schneider and Sebo K are set to play what looks to be one hell of a party for the ‘Mobilee Warehouse Session’ that is taking place on December 8th at The Siddings in London Bridge. For a little bit of fun, we thought interesting twist to have them interview one another, instead of us… enjoy. ANJA SCHNEIDER INTERVIEWS SEBO K. When did you start DJing, what style of music was it and under what name? I started when I was 16 years old. In the beginning I used to play breakbeat/jungle and my DJ name was DJ Booom – excuse me for that name but I was young. 😉   What was the 1st record you bought??? (Be honest!)I’m not sure but when was I was seven or eight I started to buy 7″ singles with my pocket money.  LPs were too expensive for my meagre pocket money. I guess the first record was by Madonna, Depeche Mode or Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  This was the kind of stuff I was into at that time. I still have all my records from my childhood.   When was the first time you remember falling in love with house music?That was around 1995 at the point when I was bored of jungle/drum & bass.   What is Sebo K’s Scenario?Sebo K’s Scenario is my new brand for parties that just started with the first edition at Watergate in Berlin two weeks ago. Scenario will also be the title of my next 12″ for mobilee which I have just finished.   What is your favorite mobilee record?Oh that’s impossible to answer – too many to limit myself to just one.   What don’t you like at mobilee? 🙂 What you do like?I don’t like that we don’t see each other more often. Most of the times we get to see each other is when we play together somewhere at a mobilee showcase. We rarely make it to meet privately during the week. What I like is that we all have such a good relationship; that it feels like a big family. What does a normal Tuesday consist of in the life of Sebo K?When I DJ at the weekends I try to make Monday my Sunday, meaning a day to relax and not to work. Usually Tuesday is my Monday then, so it’s the first working day of my week. In the daytime I go to the studio and work on new tracks or remixes or do some office stuff.  If I was too exhausted to do it on Monday evening, I go to yoga in the evening or I meet some friends. When will you finish your first album??Haha … that’s a running gag between Anja and me … it’s been in the pipeline for years. Let’s see whether I’ll ever manage to finish it. –pagebreak–SEBO K INTERVIEWS ANJA SCHNEIDERDoes your little son Rio like the music on mobilee records?Honestly yes a lot! His current favourites are ‘Hello Boy’ and ‘Rio Bravo’ – even if he didn’t, he’d have to!!   What is your little son’s favourite music?Apart from Pipi Langstrumpf and Bi Ba Butzemann, I found him the other day dancing for ages to something on the radio – it turned out to be Paul Kalkbrenner!! What are you listening to at home when you don’t listen to house or techno?Anja: Now the musical output at home has shifted somewhat to child friendly songs – if I can have it quiet that’s the best, but once little man is in bed I like to listen to something quite different from my work. I’m loving Grizzly Bears at the moment.  Are you more the sweet or the savoury type of person?Definitely savoury.  What are you doing at new years?Yeah bring it on! 🙂 I will play with Rodriguez Junior and you darling at Coco Maya in Playa del Carmen, Mexico! Good to bring in the new year with family and friends. How can you relax after a long weekend?Sleep, sleep and more sleep and Tatort that is a very famous German detective series on TV.  Also, some good food – it’s not always easy to eat well when on the move over the weekend with work.  Also just quiet time with my thoughts – which nowadays is much harder time to find. Paramount is having special mummy time with my boy.  You are mother, label owner, radio host, and djing around the globe every weekend. What’s your secret that you still look so fresh and pretty with that schedule ?Oh what a charmer! It’s all in the genes, but really a lot of sports, healthy food and no alcohol :)) For those who know me, I love sports but I am a wine addict and would like to and do eat almost everything. Luckily I’m dancing a lot which counteracts this!  If you wouldn’t be a DJ, label owner and radio host you would have become…Maybe an actor or a writer.Who are your three favourite actors?Joakim Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Sebastian Koch   Have a nice day! 🙂 xxAnd to you Sebastian – see you in London! xx ‘Mobilee Warehouse Session happens Saturday 8 December at The Sidings: 51-53 Southwark St, London Bridge. Go to londonwarehouseevents.co.uk for tickets and info’

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