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EMH.jpgLabel: Eight Miles HighRelease: 8/08/2013

It’s rare that you get a record that comes with 5 remixes these days, but that’s exactly what Andy Slate’sClouds Don’t Cry” has in store for the listener, as the US producer introduces us to the many contrasting sounds of his musical arsenal. First up on his most recent release on his own Eight Miles High imprint is of course, the title track, one that understandably, provides the spine of the record and lays the foundations for everything to come.

Laden with astute chords and dexterous hues aplenty, this is house music with soul; a fact in no small part attributable to the guest vocalist Kenny Giro, a man whose lyrical contribution here forces parallels with Robert Owens‘ own lackadaisical style. Alexander Konig & Mike Ravelli opt for a gentle edit on the first of the remixes; with their version never straying too far from the luscious make-up of the original.

The package’s eclectic mannerisms are brought up a significant notch thanks to Solid Gold Playaz synth-infused edit, one that reaches a quite brilliant crescendo that makes use of some clever, storm and rain like samples around the ¾ mark. Diwex brings a new sense of intensity to the table before his remix, one that neatly paves the way for Stefan Cordery’s more heads-down interpretation. The manner by which Cordery splices the vocal is particularly excellent, injecting the track with an added gumption and purpose in the process. The curtain the comes down thanks to Fred Prest, who closes the heavyweight package with the most bulbous and forceful remix of the litter. There truly is something for everyone in this one.


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