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Andy C – Nightlife 6



Label: Ram RecordsRelease: Out Now

I’d become accustomed to the idea that after 2010’s double disc special, I was never going to see another edition of Andy C’s Nightlife mix series. Then what does he go and do? Only announces that he’s gone and done a sixth getting this writer all excited way before Christmas time. It’s three years later, but better late than never. 

Spread out over three CD’s, Nightlife 6 is back to doing what it’s always done; providing a snapshot of the D&B scene in its current state while also showcasing the talent from his own Ram Records camp. The opening Red Mix lays out its stall with a CD crammed with current and future bangers, such as Rockwell’s ‘Detroit’, Cabin Fever’s skank inducing ‘Hard Goin’ and Stealth & Stylus’s ‘Homage’ (Back To You) littered amongst VIP specials from the likes of Frankee, Culture Shock and Audio, who provide refixes of ‘Black Heart’, ‘Troglodyte’ and ‘Headroom’ respectively. Disc two’s Green Mix switches the style, offering a more mellow edge. Loadstar’s ‘Stepped Outside’ blends seamlessly with Seba’s ‘Under The Sun’ allowing vocal harmonies and melodies to wrap around each other perfectly. You think it wouldn’t work but your ears appreciate it when you realise it does. There are sequences that will have you hitting the rewind button (‘Music Is Better’, ‘City Lights’ and ‘Liberation’ being the pick for me) and club favourite staples that will prick up the ears of any devoted follower of ‘The Executioner’. Contributions from S.P.Y. on ‘Warrior Dub’, Chord’s ‘Biting Point’ and a vibe laden standout from ‘Unknown Error on Rising’, featuring Janine Small on vocals, ramp up the energy levels. The closing Blue Mix is where things get dark as fuck. It’s a tech laden free for all that rolls from tracks like Break’s militant ‘Steam Train’, Gridlok & Prolix’s monstrous ‘Revenge’ via Dub Phizix’s ‘Happy Five’ to the reese laden punch of Noisia’s ‘Arrakis’ remix by Black Sun Empire. Don’t even get me started on Rene LaVice’s ‘Where My Ladies At’. Mainly because it’s the type of tune that gets drinks thrown across nightclub dance floors. The snare on it alone has you thinking to yourself “Are you fucking sure mate!?’. DC Break’s thunderous ‘Gambino’ helps draw it to a close with the grin inducing blend of Sub Focus’s ‘Out The Blue’ and Commix’s legendary standard ‘Be True’ finishing things off nicely.

So has the wait been worth it? Yes. A new Nightlife mix is always welcome. At 100+ tracks across its triple disc set, there’s enough music to keep heads happy and it is, as expected, flawlessly mixed. All the current Ram stable get their chance to shine, with new contributions from Culture Shock (Raindrops), Hamilton (Be There), Mind Vortex (Megabyte) and June Miller (Operation Ivy) to name a few. There’s even two new tracks from the man himself, ‘Workout’ and ‘Haunting’, giving Andy his first original solo material on his mix since Finders Keepers on Nightlife 3. It’s in no way perfect with a couple of track inclusions I wasn’t that keen on personally. That aside, it’s good to have this series up and running. Hopefully we wont have to wait so long next time.


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