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Amine Edge & DANCE pres. CUFF Vol.2


3516-201395_600 (1).jpgLabel: CUFFScore: 7/10

Say what you will about Amine Edge & DANCE and their CUFF label, but it’s probably about high time we take these French G-House maestros for the talented producers they clearly are. When it comes to the work of their new label, CUFF, their credentials aren’t in doubt, and if there’s one these guys can do, it’s spot (or produce) a catchy tune.

And so it is that we’re brought to the juncture that is CUFF Volume 2, the lads recent insight into what’s going down at the label’s HQ. A V/A package comprising of an impressive 8 tracks, it starts with the lads themselves, who are in top form on ‘Your D Is My Passion’, a collaboration with vocalist Naty that seems to bring out the best in both parties.

As you might expect from CUFF, there’s some filler on show, but to give the package credit where it’s due, most of what’s on offer here is straight-up, no bullshit killer house music for the floor. Sirus Hood’s ‘What You Are’ is the best of the rest, but worthy shout-outs must also go to SION’s ‘Make You Sweat’, which is an old-school groover that might as well be lifted straight out of Chicago! There are moments of reflection too, such as on Holt Blackheath’s ‘Beat That’, and though the penis references do grow somewhat tiresome, you should perhaps take them with a pinch of salt here. If that doesn’t sound too crude! 


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