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Amine Edge & DANCE: Nuthin’ but a G Thang



Some while ago now DT made a trip down to Britain’s coastal treasure, Brighton, for a chat with G-House’s leading luminaries Amine Edge and DANCE at Digital. With its older brother holding the fort up north in Newcastle for some time now, Digital Brighton has forged it’s reputation as Brighton’s go to night for underground house music.

Brighton kicks off early and it came as something of a surprise to see the forecourt to its historic beachfront arches desolate at 1am. Notwithstanding the emptiness outside, Digital’s main room was heaving to the sound of residents spinning “G-house”. The atmosphere peaked at around 2am when Amine Edge and DANCE took to the both and it never looked like waning from there on in. “Rack City Bitch” and “Lost”, two tracks for which the couple are exalted, were met with rousing receptions. Personal highlights were the inimitable breakdowns of Flex B’s “I’m A Boss” from CUFF#001, met by a progressively rising vigour on each occasion. On a groovier note, Volac’s bass edit of Nina Kraviz’s “Pain In The Ass – Alex Kid Remix” was also very well received. All in all a top night.

Through their continued presence amongst social media outlets and the press, Amine Edge and DANCE appear to have graced our billboards for quite some time. Though the reality is that only over the last two years have they really entered the public eye. How then is it possible to secure a residency in the politically hostile environment of Ibiza with a record label that only has a year’s fan base supporting it? It is undoubtedly thanks to the waves being made by their, albeit novel, championed G-House sound. While today I may love the crisp, no-nonsense demeanour of G-House I can’t help but to think that this could well be a flash in the pan. I just don’t see longevity with a genre that requires, so I am told by Amine Edge and DANCE, producers to have an intimate knowledge of both hip-hop and electronic music. The skill set is somewhat unique but all the while confined by the number of variables that need to be factored in. The purveyors will argue that marriage of genres can only result in further possible combinations, a valid argument, though only in the context of there being sufficient producers to fly the flag.

In light of the tremendous support for Amine Edge and DANCE, for their record label “CUFF” and for G-House, we have waited patiently in line for our turn to pick their brains. The following Q&A adopted an unorthodox format, ranging across the board from their Sankeys Ibiza residency beginning this week through to French Boulangeries!

WHY are DANCE and CUFF spelt in capitals?!

AMINE EDGE: I think that every name with only one syllable should be written in capitals… just for aesthetics. 

DANCE: My name is so common so I had to find a way to make the word “dance” stand out. But unfortunately not everybody respects it!

Your label CUFF has its first Ibiza residency this summer. Why did you choose Sankeys? Is it a risk for a new label to hold a night at a new club? 

AMINE EDGE & DANCE:  We chose Sankeys because it’s one of the most respectable clubs in terms of innovation when it comes to their music policy. It’s getting more and more commercial in Ibiza and Sankeys hold true to the true meaning of ‘the underground’.

You’ll be showcasing your artists from CUFF. Will you have any other artists feature on the line-ups?

AMINE EDGE & DANCE: Not only those who have already released, we will also be adding DJ’s to the line-ups during the season as and when they feature on the label throughout the summer.


Your biggest following is in Brazil and England. You recently had a successful night in London to announce the launch of CUFF Ibiza. Why do you think that you have so many fans in these two countries? 

AMINE EDGE: I have no idea why it’s like this. I guess it’s just where our music is most popular; it’s their taste though, you should ask our fans! lol 

DANCE: It’s just because English and Brazilian people LOVE house music like no one else. You can hear house music everywhere, in all of the clubs and on the radio. So clearly they appreciate and understand our music better than other countries.

Is it fair to say that you have very little competition in Ibiza because of how unique the CUFF sound is? 

AMINE EDGE & DANCE: It’s definitely true. We would say that we have no competition at all to be honest; our music is unique on the island. We hope it works!

Why do you think other artists aren’t selling out and making G-house. For example artists who were making deep house could now make G-house, no?

AMINE EDGE: I don’t think so… there are millions of music genres. You just have to do what you like and not do a certain sound because it’s fashionable. If you try to do a genre that’s not you, it for sure is not going to work. Make the music that you love and understand. G-House is a hip-hop genre in terms of its mood, if you don’t have a hip-hop attitude your track will be shit. You can find millions of shitty G-House tracks because those artists are not in sync with hip-hop and have no clue about what hip-hop is. They’re just “wanna-be’s”.

DANCE: Not everybody can produce G-House. You need a good understanding of hip-hop culture and you need to know how to use the relevant instruments. It’s not just about loops & grooves. That’s why you can easily find a lot of awful G-House tracks. I hope people are clever and don’t start to hate G-House because of these tracks.

The label has been busy with releases and you have a lot of releases scheduled too. Why do you think the label is already so popular?

AMINE EDGE & DANCE: Because the owners (us) are pretty big already. An indie label can’t be big if the owners are not, like Cadenza (Luciano), Desolat (Loco Dice) etc.

I know that DANCE is excited about Lorenzo releasing some music on CUFF, can you tell me who you’re most excited to have on the label and why? 

AMINE EDGE: Hey… im excited too! [Laughs] All the artists we have on the label get me excited; Volac, The Beatangers, ENNIO, Thee Cool Cats, Shiba San, etc.

DANCE: Same. They are all good friends and really talented producers. People need to know them as they know us.

At the moment the sound is fresh, what stops it from becoming repetitive with a bass line, hi-hats and urban vocals? 

AMINE EDGE: The evolution of music never stops, our music is not so easy to describe. If you listen to our whole discography all the tracks are completely different and our style is unique. No one makes the same music as us, they pretend, but they are far away.

DANCE: It´s not just about that. When we produce we don’t look for a hip-hop vocal every time. Sometimes we can use just a little sample of a movie vocal or maybe something else. There are no rules. I don’t know how our tracks will be next year but obviously the sound will be different. That said, we’re gonna stay authentic for life!


Amine, I know you’re keen on taking some time out to talk about food so I thought we could have a culinary second half. Do you both enjoy cooking? And who is the better cook out of the two of you? 

AMINE EDGE: I used to enjoy cooking but just don’t have the time anymore. I used to cook well, I don’t know if I still can though.

DANCE: I’m 100% sure Amine is better than me. When I have to cook for myself, I can only cook pasta or make a club sandwich!

What ingredient or cuisine is inspiring you right now?

AMINE EDGE: Definitely salt… if something is not that good, add salt and it works!!!

DANCE: Mayonnaise. I can eat everything with mayonnaise. I love every type of that shit. It´s my life. I’m really sad when I’m in the States and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s all about ketchup & BBQ over there!

What is your favourite French dish?

AMINE EDGE: We have the best bakery and bread on the planet. You will find the best croissants and bread everywhere in France.

DANCE: Yes the bread in France is so much better than any other country’s. You can’t compare it. If you come to France just go to “Bannette” and ask for the “Bannette bread”. You’re gonna cry!

Which region in France has the best food and wines?

AMINE EDGE: I haven’t so much travelled France but in my city there are so many amazing restaurants. There is one called L’Entrecotte Du Port, its an Entrecotte restaurant based in Le Vieux Port with home made french fries and a legendary sauce that is the best kept secret of the restaurant. I go there all the time.

DANCE: Marseille has the best restaurant ever. It’s called “La Cantinetta”. You can eat the best Burrata mozzarella and the wine is amazing. It’s actually an Italian restaurant but it doesn’t matter! [Laughs]

What is your favourite cuisine from around the world and why?

AMINE EDGE: Man I love food, I couldn’t possibly choose one. I love Italian cuisine; burratta – it’s fresh, creamy and sophisticated. I love Brazilian Churrascaria, any kind of meet cooked like that is amazing but Picania is my favourite… so tasty, so tender… just amazing! I love the way they do stuffed mussels with rice and lemon in Turkey. You find people selling it in the street at night like people sell kebabs in Europe and it’s so good. I can’t explain how good the rice is in the mussels. I almost forgot… I also love sushi of course!

DANCE: I love Japanese food; I eat salmon sashimi almost everyday. I love Italian food as well, their cheeses and pasta are so good. I love the “in & out” burgers in the USA and the hummus in Dubai.

Thanks. I think we’ve covered most cuisines between the two of you… would you try any of those if you were cooking for a girl for the first time? 

AMINE EDGE: I’d make a salad. It’s easy to do and fast to eat so we’d be in my bed sooner. 

DANCE: It’s better for me to take her to a restaurant to avoid sending her running from my cooking! [Laughs] 

If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

AMINE EDGE: French-fries for sure with mayonnaise because I’m a fucking addict for French fries!

DANCE: Cooked oysters or salmon sashimi. 

If you were a plate of food what would you be?

AMINE EDGE: A plate of lollipops, then I can be sucked all the time.

DANCE: McDonalds nuggets because everybody loves them!

Amine Edge & DANCE present CUFF launches in Ibiza at Sankeys Ibiza on Thursday June 5th.


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