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All Night Records: “We are starting with what feels right for us.”



Louis Osbourne and Jamie Anderson have always shared a mutual love of jackin’ house music. They began making music together as O&A back in 2010, forging a sound that incorporates Chicago, techy and deep house. Having already released on Play It Down, Made To Play and Jackmode, the duo are now starting their next chapter by unveiling a brand new label of their own.

All Night Records – named after the many all night sessions the pair have spent together, will be an outlet for the boys to get a steady stream of their own music out quickly after it leaves the studio desk. Starting out with the ethos of white label from 90s Chicago, it is the music that will remain at the forefront of this project. It’s testament to the sheer enthusiasm for the scene that this pair share. It’s a refreshing approach which has already marked the label out as one to keep tuned into. They clearly mean business so DT caught up with Louis and Jamie to get the full picture of what will be going down at All Night Records.

Where did you guys meet and how did the relationship evolve into the partnership it is today?

JA: We’ve actually known of each other since the 90’s as Louis used to play my early releases on Artform and NRK – we didn’t actually meet in person until Louis asked me to record for his Mija record label a few years ago. After a successful release, which featured K-Alexi on vocals, we decided to hook up and collaborate on a new studio project in 2010.

LO: I’ve been a big fan of Jamie’s work for sometime, we worked on some releases together for my label and then did some studio sessions together and it just clicked. The track we recorded in our first session ended up getting signed to Front Room as Louis Osbourne & Jamie Anderson – Rare Grooves EP, so we just forged on and worked on defining our sound. We also have a good laugh as much as anything, which is important if you are going into a joint creative venture.

What would you say that each of you brings to the partnership?

LO: Jamie is more the studio geek than me and has engineered hundreds of productions – so most of the technical and mixing is in his hands when we work on tracks. We often do a lot of sampling and I spend time digging through old records taking odd sounds, hi-hats and loops to add to the groove or create texture. Whilst not the wizard programmer that Jamie is, I know how to produce, what sounds, FX, processors I want. Jamie is an outstanding engineer, an excellent musician (classically and jazz trained on keys) and we have a great communication / understanding in the studio. We click in that sense, he gets what I want and vice versa.

 JA: First and foremost Louis is an experienced DJ with an extensive knowledge of house music, so when it comes to preparing our sets and defining our sound he is the backbone of the partnership. It’s important for us to sonically stay on point, and Louis is very good at keeping the direction focused while I experiment with our ideas.   

How would you describe the music that you make?

LO: We produce heavy, jackin’, tracky house music with a nod to the glory days of 90’s Chicago house. Sometimes we listen to our tracks in the mix and are like “Wow, that rhythm section is booming”. But that’s how we like it!

What was the driving factor behind wanting to establish your own label?

LO: Whilst we have releases signed to big established labels like Play It Down, Made To Play and Magnetic, often from a release flow point of view the scheduling with the established labels can be troublesome. We have made a commitment to having an O&A release out every month, so by setting up our own label it gives us control over that. Whenever there’s a gap in the release schedule with the bigger labels then we will just release some wicked material hot out of the desk on All Night Records. Also, Jamie and I have owned and / or managed various labels over the years too much success, so we know what we are doing. It’s our baby for our material and we are in total control.

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