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All Night Records: “We are starting with what feels right for us.”



All Night Records has the stripped back feel of a 90s Chicago based white label – Why did you decide on that approach?

LO: Well it’s certainly starting like that, but it’s a carte blanche, so we’ll see where it goes. Yes, the music is inspired by 90’s Chicago house, but the white label approach for the first couple of releases is because that’s how all labels started out back in the day. You pressed some of your tracks onto white label, rubber stamped them, tried to get some DJ’s to play it, and were stoked if distribution picked it up, sold it and paid you. Then you re-invested and did it again, until your label established itself organically and grew. Then you got worried about your ‘brand’ etc further down the line. That’s how we want to grow this, let the music / product do the talking and see what follows. So many people set out now with grand scheme’s of setting up a label as a ‘brand’ but loose sight of what it’s about, which is the product, the music. We are starting with what feels right for us. 

Why do you feel it’s important to get the music out quickly and with minimum fuss?

LO: We’ve had tracks finished and waiting to be released for over 6 months in the past, sometimes this is fine but we prefer to keep a constant output of our music as and when we make it.

JA: If we make a track the previous year and have been playing it for months it can be difficult to stay excited and carry on playing the track when it finally gets released. People expect you to play your current releases and not just exclusives all night, so getting stuff out there quick off the mixing desk is essential.

Are there any plans to add more artists other than yourselves to the roster as the project develops?

LO: Not just yet. We set up the label primarily as on output for O&A so for the moment we are only releasing our own music. However we are not totally against the idea, if some of our peers that we love and respect wanted to release on ANR then we’d consider it if the tracks were right.

You guys often play for the entire night as O&A. What opportunities does that give you as performers, as opposed to say a two hour set?

JA: As an act we play back to back using every format we have at our disposal, vinyl, CD, USB, drum machines and anything else we can fit in our record bags that can be used to enhance the performance. I used to play long warm up sets at Panorama Bar, perform live at festivals and many closing sets in small basement clubs – playing all night pulls on all those skills.

LO: It gives me the opportunity to go for a piss without having to find a 12 min Radio Slave record! But seriously, we totally vibe of each other, try and out-mix, and out-select each other and that really ups the ante. We also both have a massive amount of DJ’ing experience and love playing all hours of the night, from deep early warm up, building the room, nailing the peak time and tripping out all the late stayers in the early hours. So it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and our comprehensive musical / DJ’ing knowledge as best we can.

How would you sum up your role or duty when DJ’ing? Do you see it as split between entertainer and educator for example?

LO: If you can get the balance right between the two then you are winning! There’s nothing better than blowing the roof off a club with a load of new material that’s not been heard before. You have to take responsibility for both in my opinion.

JA: I guess we don’t attempt to entertain like a circus act or bore the socks off people playing records just because they are rare on discogs, both of us aren’t really impressed by any of that – we just try to perform the best set we can and have fun doing it.

What have you guys got coming up over the coming months?

JA: We are working on tour dates, finalizing productions and getting this label up and running properly. We are trying to get a really solid release schedule nailed before we head off on tour at the end of the year as studio time becomes a precious commodity then. The next release to come out is our release for DJ Sneak’s Magnetic Records titled ‘O&A – Blowin the Jive EP’ which is a 3 tracker of disco infused jackin’ house, then ANR002 will come out in September. 

LO: I’ve just got our 3 websites live (URL’s below), one for O&A, one for All Night Records, then we also have set up the All Night Blog, which is a platform for Jamie and I to talk about music, nocturnal life and other stuff that’s not going to fit on the artist / label sites. So we need to start working on content for that as well. Our next O&A gig is at Watergate for Made For The Night, it’s got a big line-up so should be fun!

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