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The much-loved London Crèche party is making big moves this summer with a new residency at Gatecrasher, San Antonio. In the past, the night run by Alexis Raphael and Cozzy D has made a name for itself in London booking the finest underground house and techno acts, and now they plan to do the same in Ibiza.  Tensnake, Breach, Nick Curly, Boddika, Tiga and many more are all set to play and it is a brave move to take such names to the less popular San An region of the White Isle. As such we caught up with Alexis to find out why, how and more besides…

What was the last record you guys bought and why?

 Hmm… The last record I bought was my own release “shutdown” on Moda Black! Why? Because every purchase helps. [Laughs]

How would you sum up the past few years for you and Creche? Are you still learning about promotion in a way?

 It’s been a whirlwind journey that is quite mad to look back at. The first parties were just us and our mates so to come from that to a brand and party everyone knows and now be taking it to the newest superclub in Ibiza, is just amazing really. We are both really proud of our baby!

Going back a bit, what made you want to put on the Creche parties in the first place? What’s been your proudest moment with it over the years?

 At the time in east London there were many small underground Sunday parties that all seemed to be playing similar music and in similar environments. Me and Cozzy were sure that there was a gap for a party playing more of a mix of music and having some vocals and uplifting sounds thrown in, everything was so dreary and minimal at the time. On top of that we were sure there was need for a outdoor party, not in a warehouse type venue, where people can chill and relax in the sunshine and in a nice environment, where they can get their drinks easily at a well served bar and where the toilets weren’t covered in shit all over the floor!

Cargo had just changed hands and I had a link to the new owner. They hadn’t really done any electronic music there before and we held our first party in February 2010! It was a nice sunny day and things got off to a flying start.

Proudest moment in general is I suppose having the vision to book artists before everyone else had jumped on them. We booked everyone.

What was the best thing about the early years? How did you first hook up with Cozzy D for instance?

Cozzy I’d known from the London party scene, but we became good friends when he got with his girlfriend, Ems, whom id known for a few years. In the early days it was all our mates coming down to party and a lot of the East London scene, which was a small community at the time really. We used to buy loads of props for the party and hand out silly toys and costumes. It was all fun, fun, fun! I do miss those days but nothing lasts forever and everything needs to progress.

Aside from being residents, are you involved with every other aspect of the nights?

Until this point, yes! I mean me and Cozzy used to have like 20 email addresses to email e-flyers from, instead of setting up a proper mailer, we would do it all ourselves manually. Thing is, we are music heads and DJs, not really promoters. I mean we are promoters but on a low scale. We are not that professional really at it.

To be honest it all got too much last year and we had to take a break we’ve been looking for the right people to work with to take the party forward and we have found them in Chris Bones and Neil Evans who are both Ibiza residents. These guys are spearheading the promotion leaving us to concentrate on the creative direction; the DJs,music and artwork.


And do you pack different bags depending on where you are playing? How has your sound changed over the years?

 Yeah, definitely. If I play in Europe there is certain music that they don’t get that would work in the UK. As a DJ you have to adapt your sound. I think since Creche started I’ve gone deeper into house music and become more groove based and driving. I definitely play harder than I did in those early days at Creche. But when you start playing main rooms at peak times you do have to bang it out more. I’m a very versatile DJ I can play anywhere from a beach to a warehouse and I’ll adjust my sound accordingly.

So lets chat about the move to San Antonio with Creche. I gather it’s a risk – but one worth taking?

You get nowhere in life without taking some risks. From when we first started the party we always went against the grain and we are doing this now. Fact is Gatecrasher Ibiza is one of the best clubs I’ve ever been to and it rivals the best of Ibiza superclubs. Now why on Earth shouldn’t people in San An – where 50% of the crowd comes from – be able to party on their doorstep to good quality DJs? Why should people have to spend their hard earned cash to take a cab to the other side of the island to the pay huge door prices? Well they shouldn’t and we are trying to change all that! To give people another option.

And how did it come about? Was it your own idea?

 We have been in talks about doing this for almost 2 years. It almost happened last year but fell through at the last minute. Cozzy and I believe that San An needs good music in a world class environment and this is what we are giving them.

What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt when it comes to throwing parties over the years? Are you expecting this year to be a testing one?

Check that you aren’t clashing with a huge festival! Promoting is about understanding what people want, putting your own spin on it and making sure that you get every decision spot on. Failure on one area whether that’s door price a DJ booking or the date can mess the whole thing up and, as they say, you are only as good as your last party.

Can you tell us a bit about the line-ups? What night are you really looking forward to especially?

Getting DJs to play in San An is hard work. A lot of the agents are really snobby about it and make it really difficult. There’s a lot of politics involved but we have done a good job securing some great acts! The opening is Tensnake, Boddika, Breach myself and Cozzy; an eclectic mix of music, which Creche was always about. To be honest, I’m looking forward to every single night

What is it about the island that you love so much?

The parties, the girls, the music, the vibe, the people, the food, the weather, the hedonism,the beaches, Ibiza town, what is there not to love? haha silly question guys!

What are your long-term goals? Do you set them or do you prefer to take it one day at a time?

 There are certain clubs I’d like to play at. I’ve done a lot of the ones I never dreamt I would play at but there are a few left like Panorama Bar in Berlin. In terms of Crèche I think this is it now, we’ve got it to the top to the big league so it’s about having a successful season this year and ill be a happy boy and hopefully be back for years to come.

Alexis Rafael launches Creche in Ibiza on June 10th with Tensnake, Breach, Boddika & Cozzy D 

Alexis’s brand new EP is out now on Moda Black.


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