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Alex Grandy – Into the Shadows


EQM011.jpgLabel: Equilibrium LabScore: 8/10

Italian house and techno has been on the charge of late, a fact that’s summarized by the steady growth of the Equilibrium Lab imprint; a label that seems to adhere to a certain level of quality with a sumptuous ease. So, following on from their last release, Marcelo Cura’sThe Baze”, this time they serve up another offering that speaks to listeners of high-brow fare, with relative unknown Alex Grandy releasing an EP that belies his previously unknown stature. Indeed, the EP in question, Into the Shadows, wastes no time in hitting its stride thanks to the relentless, drum-led strands that comprise ”Pacaya”. Rough, ready and primed for a big-room dancefloor, it’s clever, spliced vocal and firm, looping aesthetic mean it’s sure to drag the atmosphere up a notch wherever it’s let out of the bag. ”Shadow” is crafted with a similar edge, with its bestial vocals and sporadic, haunting chords only adding to the sense of heightened confusion. ‘Trippy‘, furious and a bit left-field, it’s sure to strike a similar impression to its bigger brother. Closing off the package is ”La Carretera”, the last of three records that, to be fair, are all cut from the same cloth. On this occasion, it’s a more hallowed-out, stripped-back affair, with more haunting, indecipherable lyrics and taut drums again taking centre stage. Sure, it’s hardly an exercise in diversity, but Into the Shadows is every bit as murky and grimy as its title suggests.


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