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Alejandro Mosso – Mosso 04


90003.jpgLabel: MossoScore: 9/10

This is incredible.  Why don’t more people make music like this?  In short, it’s got the persistent groove of the dance floor, but the creativity of a classical composer.  And is it House, is it Techno, or is it neither?  Hard to say.  It has a nice tribal element to it which you could legitimately expect from a man from Argentina, but that’s pretty much the only remotely predictable part.

At times the instruments are wonky, at times they are sweet and melodic, but the broad philosophy is a slightly twisted one.  Think Kassem Mosse and Stefan Goldmann but even better – there isn’t the industrial coldness that goes with the surreal Techno those guys come out with, but there is the same eccentric vibe.  And it just keeps building, by God does it keep building.  Both tracks are complete and utter value for money – apart from the intro and outro, no 8 bars are ever the same, it’s constantly evolving which is quite something for 5 minutes of electronic music.

Alejandro Mosso, I salute you.


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