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Adrian & Georgi Barrel – Back2BassKicks


3516-206076_600.jpgLabel: SinnmusikScore: 8/10 

Sinnmusik’s raison d’etre is a fairly simple one: they simply gather a host of like-minded producers to join in on the fun – and they always ensure the music that they emit is of the highest possible quality. Recent inclinations would seem to suggest that they’re far from one trick ponies too, as they compound their earlier promise here thanks to the work of young Barcelona based duo, Adrian & Georgi Barrel, who together make the sort of refined house music that is clearly influenced by the Motor City and the likes of Theo Parrish and co.

Indeed, a pretty timeless sound abounds on the opener and the original track, ‘’Back2BassKicks’’. Full of low-slung sounds and a punchy bassline, the track  – with its effervescent synths and futuristic nod – could well have been lifted from the catalogue of Galaxy2Galaxy. An exceptional listen, it keeps the listener’s attention peaked thanks to a run of ferocious kicks that lend it a tentative edge.

Adrian then takes solo stage for ‘’The Way’’; a more spirited and busier track that keeps to high-octane house vibes very much alive. Georgi Barrel’s ‘’Jersey Love’’ is his ode to New Jersey, as he borrows a vocal snippet from First Choice’s still classic ‘’Let No Man (Put Asunder)’’. In all, an auspicious release from the boys that hints at much more ahead. 


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