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Adam Ellis: Creature Of The Night



Adam Ellis has taken the Trance world by storm recently, with his second single Mandarine reaching the number one spot on Beatport and being voted ‘Best Newcomer’ of 2013 by Trance Podium, to list a few examples. Now he has been added to the lineup for Digital Society’s 7th Birthday, an event which features some of the current biggest names in Trance. We took the opportunity to catch up with Adam to discuss the event and find out what else lies in store for 2014. 

Hi Adam, first of all congratulations on all your successes last year, 2013 was certainly your time to shine! Could you tell us what your proudest moments were?

Thanks, I appreciate it. 2013 was a great year and I had a lot of proud moments to be honest. At the start of 2013, I finally gained enough confidence in my production ability to put out a track good that was enough to receive solid support from various artists. From then on I just became more confident with every track I wrote and the productions started flowing. Every track is a challenge and I think it will always be like that, but I still manage to get it done somehow. Proud moments would have to be signing my first single to Bryan Kearney’s imprint Kearnage, hearing the track in Amnesia in Ibiza, getting a number one on Beatport, hearing the track live at Global Gathering and then playing it in Argentina to a sold out 9,000 strong crowd! I’m also very pleased to be signed with RJM Promotions! Just generally really thankful for everything so far.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend your gig in Buenos Aires and it was absolutely off the hook! How did it feel to be play to so many people? And is it true that you named your single ‘Mandarine’ after the club you played in?

Well this was believe it or not my very first gig, haha. I remember getting an email from my manager just after I had joined RJM saying ‘I’ve got you a wicked first gig’, I was expecting somewhere in England and was already massively buzzing for it. When he told me it was Argentina I literally jumped out of my chair. It was so hard not telling anyone but close friends and family. I will never forget that day…flying over was crazy because over the last 6 years I have grown up in clubs listening to DJ’s such as John O’Callaghan, Guiseppe Ottaviani, Bryan Kearney, etc. To be travelling with these guys and spending time getting to know them was great because musically and professionally, they are the best in the business and it’s great to be associated with artists like them.  Before I even got to Argentina I was a getting few messages from the guys over there, it was apparent from that moment how passionate the people in Argentina are about music. The gig itself was obviously a huge moment in my life. To be given the opportunity to play to a crowd of that size was unreal and it has just made me hungrier in my quest to achieve what I want as far as my career goes. I enjoy gigs of all sizes, sometimes the intimate ones are unbelievable, but to play an event of that magnitude was ridiculous. After the gig, I went down to the crowd and the people were so loving. It sounds a bit weird if you have not been, but everyone showed so much love, taking pictures, saying nice things and most of all saying thank you for the music. From 10pm to 6am the arena was literally full. Seeing Bryan Kearney play ‘I Don’t Deserve You’ at 6am with the sun coming up is something I will also never forget. Even the other guys were saying how special that gig was to them and they have played all over the world for the last 6 or 7 years.

Regarding Mandarine, yes I did name the track after the night in Argentina. I was struggling for a name for the track while I was in Argentina and it felt right dedicating the track to my time there. To get a second Beatport Trance number 1 in a row was amazing. It goes to show how much support I have at the moment. So many people messaged me saying they had bought the track and after it became Beatport Trance number 1, I decided to tell everyone who bought the track to send me the receipt so I could enter them into a competition to win some CD’s and shirts. I am always a bit unsure about doing things like that because I don’t want it to come across in the wrong way. I am very conscious about how I am perceived, but I just wanted to give something back. I wish I could give everyone a CD and a shirt but unfortunately it’s just not possible. Either way, I will carry on doing it because interacting with fans and giving something back for the support I receive is very important to me.

The Argentine crowd seemed to adore you; do you have any plans to return? 

Yeah they did. I think they adore everyone to be honest as they are so very appreciative of the music. I made sure to throw a flag I bought especially for that night into the crowd, went and signed things, had pictures, talked with them etc. I think they love my music too which is obviously a big plus and from what feedback I’ve had, they loved my set. After a great meeting with my manager regarding plans for the future, I hope to be back at least once this year. It’s going to be really special if I do come back and I can’t wait to further build my relationship with the Argentinian fans and promoters. Argentina – Absolutely amazing.

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You can catch Adam alongside Aly & Fila, Orjan Nilsen  Cosmic Gate and John O’Callaghan amongst many others on  March 7th at Leeds Academy by buying tickets to Digital Society’s 7th Birthday below:

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