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Adam Ellis: Creature Of The Night



Not only have you released two great singles, but you’ve remixed classic tracks, such as John O’Callaghan’s ‘Big Sky’ and Planet Perfecto’s ‘Bullet in the Gun’. What’s the response been like to these? 

Well it all started with Bullet in the Gun. I did this track after I initially finished Napalm Poet and I had a lot of confidence because finishing Napalm Poet took 3 years. The track started getting a lot of good feedback and it spread all over the UK Trance scene via social media. The track received brilliant feedback with 99% of people praising it, Paul Oakenfold started playing it and amazing videos were popping up all over- I had videos of it been played in England, Scotland, Australia, all over the world! It was amazing. After that I signed Napalm Poet and my confidence began building. The reaction to Napalm Poet was out if this world. I knew it was a track worthy of signing to a top quality label but I had no idea that it would become so big. I have been consistent with my music and social media amongst other things, but there is no denying that Napalm Poet has rocketed me to where I am now after only one short year. Even now I get messages about the track. It’s been amazing to see so many videos of people dancing to the track all over the world and the reaction I get when playing the track live is like no other.  

Big Sky is another great story for me. John O Callaghan personally asked me to remix this track for him and as it happens Ram vs Signum had done a new remix also. I was getting a lot of feedback and questions about my remix regarding release. In the end Armada decided they would release it in 2014! I’m unsure on the date as of yet, but rest assured it will be coming out this year. Playing this track is always special because it means so much to so many people. I gave the track an uplifting twist and wrote a big melody into it. I loved the Agnelli & Nelson remix, but that track focuses on the vocals, which let’s be honest, could not have worked any better. I wanted to offer something different in my remix and I thought what better way to do it than with a big uplifting hook. I love playing this one out, it’s a real crowd pleaser and will feature in my sets for a long time I think. 

It’s no doubt been a lot of hard work getting to this stage, but it’s definitely paid off. Do you have any words of encouragement for other budding Trance DJ’s and producers?

Yeah it’s been a lot of hard work with sleepless nights and it’s an ongoing thing to be honest. I’m never happy and I always want more. But I am going to keep doing what I am doing and see how it plays out. The advice I would give to budding DJ’s and Producers would be, learn to make your own music. You simply need to have tracks out there to stand out from the rest. I have had some massive gigs in the last year, bigger than a lot of hard working and better DJ’s than me. But the fact of the matter is that my tunes make me stand out in a scene over saturated with DJ’s. Everyone seems to be a DJ now days because it is so easy to learn due to new technology. Producing your own music takes dedication, time, personal and financial sacrifices but the end results are worth it, in my case anyway. A lot of people want to fast-track this process but for me the guys with raw talent will succeed much more than those who don’t take the time to learn how to produce. One reason why I have done so well is the amount of consistent tracks I have put out. A lot of people in the scene can’t do this for various reasons. 

Obviously you should learn how to mix to a quality standard. Try and be confident behind the decks and more than anything, enjoy it. I love playing and I get into it so much because I am a huge Trance fan who has travelled all over England for 7 years clubbing. For me seeing a DJ enjoy themselves behind the decks really enhances my night. 

For those who don’t know you so well, how would you describe the ‘Adam Ellis’ sound? 

This one is always tricky but I like to think I produce upfront melody driven Trance music. My sound has evolved so much since Bullet in the Gun, which was made early 2013. Each track I do I believe I get better and you can hear it. Compare Bullet in the Gun to my remix of Matt Bowdidge’s Still by Your Side, then listen to Mandarine and compare it to my new Menno De Jong remix of Creatures Of The Night. You can clearly hear the progression of quality, not only of the production but in my musical ability too. At the moment I’m just getting comfortable with my ability in the studio so I’m trying new techniques, using new sounds and attempting to create a sound for myself which is instantly recognisable. I’m in the studio for 4-10 hours a day usually six days a week so I am working as hard as I can to constantly improve my production skills. Later this year will see me working on my first vocal single and I want to offer something new with each and every one of my tunes. Once I feel confident enough I will become more diverse and try some slower Trance tracks, some Tech Trance maybe. I don’t want to be known for only one style. I look at guys like Sneijder, Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan and Aly & Fila and, although they are known for the sound that I too am known for, the driving 140 style, they all have diversity in their sound and every one of them has more than just banging fast paced Trance tracks behind them. That’s the direction will go in too. If anything, just to prove to myself that I am a musician and that I can write more than one style. Of course the music I’m known for now is my passion and will always come first. You can’t beat it on a dance floor in my opinion. 

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